Kim Jong-un chụp ảnh selfie với Bộ trưởng Ngoại giao Singapore trong chuyến công du

Bộ trưởng Ngoại giao Singapore Vivian Balakrishnan đã đăng một bức ảnh tự sướng với Kim vào tối thứ Hai khi ông đưa nhà độc tài Triều Tiên đi tham quan một số địa danh của thành phố. Kim, người hầu như không rời Triều Tiên kể từ khi lên nắm quyền lãnh đạo vào năm 2011, lần đầu tiên đến thăm Gardens by the Bay (ảnh) trước khi được đưa lên đỉnh khách sạn và sòng bạc Marina Bay Sands để thưởng ngoạn quang cảnh thành phố từ bên cạnh vô cực hồ bơi. Sau đó anh dừng lại ở Esplanade và Cầu Jubilee gần đó. Kim đến Singapore vào Chủ nhật và ở lại khách sạn của mình cả ngày vào thứ Hai khi Tổng thống Trump hạ cánh. Bài báo gốc: Video gốc: .uk / video / news / video-1705758 / Video-North-Koreas-Kim-Jong-take-night-tour-Singapore-Gardens.html Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: http : // Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: http: // Daily Mail Google+: Tải ứng dụng di động Daily Mail miễn phí:

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  1. Mahesh.R Aliyar cp

    V nice… North Korea sar…

  2. 1:34 for ya

  3. Don't they feel hot under those coats? Do they perspire?

  4. nathan oliveira

    A selfie with Donald Trump and Kin that's what I want to see!

  5. bigawallo awallo

    jet Lee styling

  6. Achievement unlocked.
    Take your first selfie

  7. cuoc doi la mot be kho duc phat noi la dung . Mot khi con nguoi da biet thuong yue nhau va giup do nhau de ma song roi thi the gian nay se la mot thien duong !!

  8. Shit! Lost him 😂😂😂

  9. Shame on Singapore's foreign affairs and education minister both set a BAD example for how to lead by taking selfies with a famous despot !!

  10. Why would you need so much security in one of the safest countries on earth like Singapore is beyond me?

  11. That would be north korea first selfie😁

  12. chillout rollercoaster

    The ironic or moronic thing is if they hit the button …the gig would be up for the world…

  13. Long live communist

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    Separately , while predicting about Singapore in article – “ Some astrological predictions for Singapore covering coming year 2018” – in October 2017 , the following were indicated :-
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  15. Later back at the hotel,
    Bodyguard 01: how the hell does this country afford the electricity to light up all these buildings?
    Bodyguard 02: no country can, they probably saved up 01 year worth of electricity to put up a show just for today.

  16. this is humanity. good always go heaven first. bad always stay earth later???

  17. pushparaj perianan


  18. Spor : U know trump is waiting for u,And we have to sign the nuke.


  19. susan you are wrong, usa killed millions with/without nuclear bombs and they are still treated like kings for so long

  20. Cố Hương Hoài Niệm

    missiles men… fat, short, ugly and powerful 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤒🤒🤒💥💥💥💥💥🚀🚀🚀🚀🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵

  21. Abdullah Adal

    This leader is trying to change his country to the better.

  22. So mnay bodyguards sroound him! Those N Korean bodyguards are tall and lethal. They'll die for Kim.

  23. Truth to power.

    Every nation needs a nuclear bomb. That is the only thing brings peace to every nation. Because the opposite is zero sum game.

  24. What a nuclear bomb does for you.

  25. This guy seems to be enjoying attention. Period.

  26. Trump going to walk in there to Kim and start whistling and fist made bomb

  27. Peaceistheanswer27

    That's a 33 year old man jockeying for power with the world's leading superpower.

  28. Dr Vivian should bring Kim around to catch Pokemon..

  29. All it takes is one grenade thrown at Kim and that shall take care of it.

  30. chainzsawmaster

    It's like that scene from Kill Bill

  31. gsmith973 FBA

    Dear leader😔

  32. i support kim jong un and iran to make nuclear bombs

  33. Misty Buttercup

    His security looks like. A mess!!!!!! Damn they just like crowd on him ! The opposite of ours Lol 😆

    Not so brave after all huh

  34. Arnold Stollar


  35. Elvoray Bane of the Darkness

    You would think they would bring a flashlight.

  36. They hate us cause they aint us!

  37. Great now he will tell the North Koreans he invented the selfie 😂

  38. Patricia Dileonardo

    His guards are extremely observant professional and protective. Do not presume to know it all with N. Korea.

  39. Big kid!

  40. Well, at least they got his fat ass out walking.

  41. Crystal Shines

    May God in His infinite mercy guide and protect Donald Trump. Amen

  42. I like nuclear bomb. Once you get it, people would treat you like a king even you kill many innocent people.

  43. where is rodman?