Chuyến đi của cô gái đến Singapore👯‍♀️ | Aashna Hegde

chúng tôi rất vui mừng vì chuyến đi của chúng tôi cuối cùng cũng diễn ra! Hy vọng bạn thích vlog🤍 này yêu tất cả các bạn! #AashnasVlogs

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  1. Sorry for the late upload but stay tuned for the vlogs to come because we’re having a really fun time and vlogging it all💜

  2. Hello Aashna, I really hope this comment reaches out to you.
    Well I've been having breasts pain time to time as well, but I'm really confused whether to show a gynaecologist or someone else.
    Could you please let me know?
    Also, how do you feel now?
    I'm so glad I watched this and experiencing the same thing as a girl, I know it's not that easy to stay calm but let's remember that's we're all trying our best. Lots of love, waiting for the reply! ♥️

  3. prolactin is high because of pcos darling I have same issues

  4. Dimple Badlani

    stay strong idk i like u so much as a human being. god bless you stay happy ❤

  5. Babitha Madas


  6. Janvi Panchal

    Hey Aashna dii ,
    Soo right now my mental health is also not good. It has been so stressful and you know I always have questions in my mind and a feeling that if I do something people will judge me then they will let me down and I will break or something cause me being a misfit in my class(maybe) cause my classmates are like not wanting to talk to me, running from me and it is making me question myself that am I a normal person like others? Am I strange or weird? Should I change myself? Than the comparison between me and my sister that makes me question myself that am I the daughter that my parents wanted? Than me being judged because of my weight and color. I pretend to be okay in front of people , control myself from crying and out bursting but my mind cant take it now I guess. I am damaged because when I was in 3 grade I was sexually harassed by my PT teacher and that is haunting me till now! I haven't said this thing to my parents cause I don't have guts to say it and idk if they will be supportive too me ? It has been 6 years to the incident and now I am in 9 grade. I hope you read my comment. I just want to say that you are lucky you get to go to therapy which I can't. Anyways I love you and u have been there for me . Watching your videos help me get some relief and peace moments. You make me smile and I feel like I have a friend so thank you and I love you .

    with love ur fan ,
    Janvi 😊❤❤❤‍🩹

  7. happy when I see your vlogs aashna

  8. No, Not Today

    Di please take care
    We all love you loads 🤗❤️
    + I didn't know Khushi is in 12th 😅 .. mujhe woh bade lagte the..
    I'm in 12th too 😂✌️ n haan we have our English exam today .. I'm almost done with my studies thoda baaki hain jo I'll do after watching your videos as they are really refreshing n it helps me relax ..+ i would also add ki i too get stressed really a lot n i too get pains kabhi kabhi .. but woh zyada nhi rehte n when i meditate a lil (15-20 mins) it helps me calm down n I'm all ok then .. i have never seen a doctor for this , mujhe samjh nhi aata tha yeh kyun hota hain n all .. mumma ne bola tere faltu ke tension lene ke karan so she asked me to do deep breathing wali exercise jab bhi aisa ho tab .. mujhe pata lag jata hain coz when i take tension/stress mera headache bhi home lagta hain so i immediately drink water n do this ..
    Okayie lamba hogaya zyada but if u read this then please di try doing this deep breathing wala exercise ig n hope it will help u calm down

  9. ❤️

  10. slowed ❤️

    whattt i am shocked khushi is in 12 grade noww???
    i though she has finished graduation 😭

  11. I just hope your mental health goes well Aash! We still love you and will continue to do so! Loved the AUA trip! It was needed 🤍

  12. 💖💖💖💖

  13. Love you aashna dii I love your every vlogs from Singapore ❤❤❤keep a 1 day rest I know u r tired ❤❤love u so much ❤❤😘😘😊😊😉😚

  14. IX B 12 Maya Jakhad

    Just stay Happy Aashna❤, remember this, that ur mom struggled super hard Just for ur happiness, and open up bit more with ur loved ones, worry less❤, also u sounded really funny while saying: me airport pe hu or koi musibat/mistake na ho aisa kabhi…..😂❤

  15. same aash same. haven't been doing well mentally lately. I'm just not able to act okay in normal, shouting at everyone for like no reason and then regretting every single thing. I just want to be the happy girl I was before and enjoy every moment. just felt like sharing here coz it feels safe

  16. Take care aaashnaa
    And enjoy your besttt
    Foget all the thingss
    And just u and your frndss

  17. Insaneeee🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  18. Khushi is in 12th ???

  19. is khusi in 12th clas ??????

  20. Aarvi Chaudhary

    Thanku so much dii for wishing good for exams
    Love you ❤
    Loved and enjoyed the whole video

  21. Hey, you are probably feeling low and out of it because if low D3 it does that trust me..

  22. Dakshita Kothari

    Sweetest human❤️

  23. rajshree dangi


  24. Ashhnaaaa i really likeee how you share every single detail of your lifeee with usss we promise you to never disappointed youu causee you are someone I wantt youu too see smilee every day but as I can't see youu butt your vlog are enough to make my day you put so much effort knowing that we are always n forever to support youu
    Youuuu areee stronggggg girlllll if you everr feel lowe itss normall but you know you haver us you famm to always cheerup by just seeing your videos your voice iss my typeee off therapy loveee youu ashhhh🥺🤍🤍