Bên trong Trung tâm phong cách sống mới trị giá 1,3 tỷ đô la Mỹ của Sân bay Changi

Sân bay Changi của Singapore vừa khai trương ‘Jewel’, trung tâm mua sắm trị giá 1,3 tỷ USD với thác nước trong nhà cao nhất thế giới, rạp chiếu phim IMAX và một khách sạn. NỘI DUNG DU LỊCH THÊM: Bên trong nhà ga riêng đầu tiên của Mỹ dành cho các triệu phú https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YmrL1bF8q8 9 Địa điểm độc quyền nhất trong Công viên Disney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F -npfcLt3Gs Tại sao Amtrak lại đắt như vậy | Đắt quá https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8ggBZg7llY ——————————— ——————— #Singapore #Airport #BusinessInsider Business Insider cho bạn biết tất cả những gì bạn cần biết về kinh doanh, tài chính, công nghệ, bán lẻ và hơn thế nữa. Ghé thăm chúng tôi tại: https://www.businessinsider.com Đăng ký: https://www.youtube.com/user/businessinsider BI trên Facebook: https://read.bi/2xOcEcj BI trên Instagram: https://đọc .bi / 2Q2D29T BI trên Twitter: https://read.bi/2xCnzGF BI trên Amazon Prime: http://read.bi/PrimeVideo ——————- ——————————- Bên trong Trung tâm Phong cách sống Mới trị giá 1,3 tỷ USD của Sân bay Changi Singapore.

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  1. Kathy's Wanderlust Diaries

    Great video, keep it coming!💖

  2. : your flight has been delayed for 6 hours
    Normally: Oh god😰
    At Changi Airport: Yoo thank god 😊

  3. the only time i would be happy if my flight delayed

  4. World's TROPICAL forest without / never any tropical Pesky BUGS = Mosquitoes, falls – PONDS never pest farms .

  5. I need a week layover at Changi

  6. I’m gonna be going there in a few months and I can’t wait-
    I’ve watched so many videos about it lol 😂

  7. Professional Class Beautiful

  8. Love Singapore one of the most nature countries ever love you 🇸🇬

  9. So elegant so goergeos

  10. And LAX is fit for third world airport, how embarrassing

  11. 🇧🇷 The vegetation in this airport is something wonderful; the water; nature. Nothing can give us peace and rest like nature.

  12. I've been in that forest thing, its smells odd.

  13. Singapore is very intelligent country 💖

  14. Trung Nguyễn

    Tiền nhiều để làm gì.

  15. As a Singaporean I am actually proud of my country airport

  16. Habib Hussain

    Looks impressive…the nature aspect is there to improve the travellers mental health which can be put to the test with the strains and stresses of air travel….

  17. ive been here when i was a little 7 year old. i loved the hello kitty decorations

  18. The best of the best is Changi,the best of any airport I have enjoyed so many times,the people who work there deserve a lot of credit because Changi's hard workers are the most welcoming and approachable people that I have seen in an international airport,well done to all of you who work so hard for us with excellent customer service makes me feel loved and appreciated,see you soon.

  19. Fc Uk Singa Poor


  20. Funny how all dreams come true…..

  21. Hayley McCracken

    I get to go here in October!! I have an 11 hr layover

  22. American is now the third world country Lmaooooo

  23. i have visited changi airport but i have never seen this. prob because travelling with family

  24. At this point am sure people go there like it's a mall not airport

  25. Stella Meow 😻

    I have to wait 6 hours in this beautiful airport I'm so happy

  26. I will have a 8hrs layover on that airport before flying to LAX. I will sure kill my time on this gorgeous airport. 👍

  27. This? Chef’s KISS. Education? Stressful. It’s still to help our future tho

    I think

  28. I love singapore

  29. andrew newman

    We live in a beautiful world that only a few enjoy, the others have to watch it on YouTube .

  30. It’s much better than Dubai airport

  31. David Carlson

    Sad America is about 200 years behind these type of countries. We can’t build shut with out politicians stealing most of the funds.

  32. Absolutely stunning!

  33. Seriously delay this shit all day

  34. Looks like the PlayStation Home meeting hub lol if you know you know!!!! They be on it smh

  35. Honestly this place would be like heaven for that one dude that lived in a French airport for almost 2 decades

  36. This could be the 🇺🇲, but we're too busy handing out money to the world and nothing for us!!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  37. One of the best ecological airport

  38. Carter Gancarz

    walking trails in an airport, damn.

  39. Waw

  40. this is actually insane wtf

  41. Andry Abdjan D3

    I hope the theft of bank money by irresponsible parties can be quickly resolved, money sent from abroad is a trust, don't take it, make it a shame to make state money insulting this country like you can't find money, just steal money from customers, for example, in Kalimantan, Bali and I've also experienced it makes people concerned

  42. Zimbabwe would never

  43. Masuk je KLIA depressed mat nak keja.. kat Singapore je best hmm

  44. Specialized Levo Expert 2020

    I will have a 2:30 transit window when I travel from Munich to Bangkok in Singapore! Will I be able to discover Jewel?

  45. Not Possible in the USA….Thousands of Homeless would move in with tents and occupy it.

  46. Ariel Dolorfino

    The airport expects 50 to 60 million visitors to jewel this year.
    Covid-19: i'm about to ruin this mans whole career.