Tham quan và hướng dẫn công nghệ nhà thông minh cuối cùng: Xiaomi Edition (2021)

Đây là Chuyến tham quan Nhà thông minh cuối cùng của tôi cho năm 2021 được cập nhật cho Ứng dụng Mi Home và hệ sinh thái Xiaomi. Họ có một số lượng đáng kinh ngạc các thiết bị công nghệ nhà thông minh và nhà thông minh trong hệ sinh thái của họ và sức mạnh và sự tiện lợi của Ứng dụng Mi để tự động hóa gia đình là điều cần cân nhắc khi xây dựng ngôi nhà thông minh cuối cùng. Mi Smart Plug: Mi Smart Bulb Essential (Màu và Trắng): Mi Smart Speaker with Google Assistant: (SẼ CẬP NHẬT LINK) Mi Smart Kettle: https: // Mi Robot Cleaner 3H: Mi Robot Cleaner with MOP: (SẼ CẬP NHẬT LINK) Mi Đèn đầu giường: Mi Bedside Lamp 2: Xiaomi 34 “Ultrawide Gaming Monitor: Để biết thêm thông minh chuyến tham quan nhà, tiện ích nhà thông minh, thiết lập nhà thông minh và ý tưởng nhà thông minh hãy đăng ký kênh và xem danh sách phát về nhà thông minh tuyệt vời của tôi. Chuyến tham quan nhà thông minh đầy đủ của tôi vào năm 2021 sắp ra mắt. * Video này được thực hiện với sự hợp tác của Xiaomi. Mọi ý kiến ​​đều của riêng tôi. #smarthome #smarthometour #hometour.

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  1. Thumbs up for diversity in Smart Home Devices! Their smartphones are great but what do you think if Xiaomi’s Smart home tech? Do you own any?

  2. We don't appreciate Xiaomi enough. They make premium technology – affordable! I have had only good experiences with MI products so far.

  3. Ciaran Mc Brien

    와 한국자막 감동이에요!

  4. Will you be making another xiaomi smart home video?

  5. I love how They make products that work with the Google home app

  6. Xiaomi is really great

  7. Jonathan Wolfboy

    anyone know where to get the xiaomi vaccum that he got or the name so i can look it up please?
    i love the minimalist style of xiaomi so much i swear i'm just loving their product more and more

  8. this is my dream

  9. Hey Danny need see help looking for a xiaomi br30 compatible zigbee bulb…. please help

  10. Valec cylinder

    Hi, which smart plugs are compatible With mi smart home hub?

  11. Galactose_Fructose Monosaccharide

    Xiaomi needs to fix the battery drain man this sucks

  12. What do you think about smart switches?

  13. Hi Danny, Which type of Robotcleaner are you using in this video? I see that Xiaomi has many different ones. Thanks!

  14. Does the Xoimai eco system talk to aqara and can you run aqara stuff in the mi home app? Thanks for the videos they’re great!

  15. Xiaomi enrich Lifes !

  16. My kids also wrecks whole house, press F.

  17. I bought a mi smartphone that was released in year 2018 to 2019, it has it’s OS in Chinese version and was bought from a Chinese store in mainland China so that mean it has the certificate of CCP rulings on a sticker at back of the phone. Now YouTube and Play Store has been sabotaged by hackers or the CCP govt itself ! , there’s no way to fix, may need to reset the phone’s OS, so much hassles, I am expecting an update from Mi company and it could takes not just a month, but few months! YouTube only works through use of web browser, youtube standalone app no longer able connect to the WiFi, Play Store is to get all sorts of softwares installed if it’s been deleted or removed, it too failed to run or connect to the WiFi, all other softwares works on the phone.

  18. The thing is you don't need hub for most of the helpful devices :robot, kettle, purifier…theres even a version of thermometer with display which does not require hub but still connects to Android app. On the other hand, hub is required for sensors and smart socket.

  19. Charlotte RX00

    What phone are you using?

  20. Hi. If I have a loft. In my bedroom . The size is roughly 44sqm. Will it be better to put the air purifier downstairs or at the loft?. The loft height is as tall that a person whose 5'11 could comfortably stand up. And it's pretty open.

  21. may i know what is the gateway that you used to connect the sensors and everything? i already a china gateway version, and thinking to upgrade the gateway hub.

  22. If anyone looking for a nice smart home set up… This video is not a good choice. You gonna waist your time here 🤷🏼

  23. Where is that side table from that the speaker is on?

  24. 🤣8:10 the decoration.🤣

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    Pray this prayer to be saved dear God I know that I am a sinner I repent of my sins I accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior in Jesus Name I know Jesus died for my sins and rose from the deadAMEN

  26. whats the game you're playing?

  27. I have a Polish youtube channel about xiaomi smart home and I have hundreds of devices from this manufacturer check

  28. Will you need plug converters for the majority of these products? Don't think I've ever see the Kettle coming standard with the US plug

  29. Ting Phooi Chee

    will google home connect with the China Mainland version of Mihome? (not the global Mihome)

  30. The c20 security cam will not record to sim card unless you hit record button on theit dashboard. You only get still pictures and when you go event it says video only available with subscription why then video card. it also doesn't work with mi home unless region is set to china, doesn't make any sense.

  31. Glacier Torreto

    8:36 the price for the TV from bangood is 400$ . The price in a physical store in my country…………………………………………waiiiiit for it…………………………………………………………..999$