Chuyến tham quan ẩm thực Malaysia TUYỆT VỜI ở Ipoh! Gà muối, MÓN ĂN!

Nửa cuối ngày ở Ipoh, chúng tôi đi ăn gà muối, thịt lợn quay và gà mọc mầm. Nội dung ĐỘC QUYỀN KHÁC trên Instagram: Địa điểm: 0:40 Woong Kee- Dou Fu Hua 3:30 Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken 6:20 Menglumbu (万里 望) Wet Market- Roast Pork 8:28 Kedai Kopi sun yuan foong- White Coffee 12:30 Onn Kee Bean Sprout Chicken 安 记 芽菜 鸡 17:04 Tong Sui Kai Dessert Street (mee goreng 32 trở về) ➨Nhận vé đi chương trình hay nhất quả đất !!! Áo Thun Bánh Bao Ngọt Ngào TẠI ĐÂY: ►Đăng ký để nhận THÊM video về đồ ăn! ▲ Đăng ký kênh NẤU ĂN của chúng tôi! Http:// ​​———————————- ————————————————– —— ★ ↓ THEO DÕI TÔI TRÊN PHƯƠNG TIỆN XÃ HỘI! ↓ ★ Trang Hiển thị trên Facebook: Facebook Mike Fan Page: Instagram của Bánh bao nghiêm túc : Instagram cá nhân: Twitter: Twitch: ◈ Thiết bị tôi sử dụng để quay phim◈: Sony RX100 Mark V: PANASONIC LUMIX G85: https://go. Ống kính góc rộng: Mic máy ảnh: Đèn máy ảnh: Máy ghi âm cầm tay: Chân máy: Drone: https:// Phần mềm nấu ăn yêu thích của tôi! wok / pan Cũng chảo này Chảo áp suất Nồi chống dính ✉Gửi đồ vào Hộp thư bưu điện của chúng tôi! Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940 ♩ ♫ Come Home, This is Me by Declan DP Creative Commons – Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported – CC BY-ND 3.0 / Licence / b … Ikson- Buddy https: // ….

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  1. My fast version of salted chicken prepare at home. Just soak whole chicken in salted water about 30 to 45 minutes. Slice few area of chicken body. Put few slices quality dong kwai in. Wrap whole chicken in aluminium foil. Put in whole chicken already hot oven for 45 mins or more needed for small chicken. Open foil & test by poking chicken inside whether fully cooked. Cut, serve & eat immediately by its own or with rice & stir fried mix vegetables..

  2. Arrived in Ipoh last night and heading to Penang today, but had to try at least one place, so I went for the salted chicken and darn, it was good and salty. Didn’t think I could eat a whole chicken by myself, but mission accomplished!

  3. ✨✨✨✨The desserts 🍨 are very colorful ✨🤗✨✨✨I love mangos 🥭

  4. Thanks Steven and Rick because you brought Mikey to real gem spots! Thank you!

  5. Abhay Tripathi


  6. Mike. I dont think they know Pho.
    Malaysia Food Tour looks really attracting. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Modern Monking

    I adore Chinese Malaysians, they are all so cool!

  8. The beautiful downtown normally stamp because toy acly frame inside a permissible shake. auspicious, obeisant table

  9. Hey Mikey! All of the food looks delicious! However, the mango dessert looks yummy but I can’t have it because I’m allergic to mango.🙁

  10. It’s so uplifting to see the pride the hosts have to share their food with someone who enjoys the food so much and enthusiastic about the experience.

  11. Fantastic another great vlog in the series

  12. twin sisters 23:13 ?

  13. Steve is a good guy. Good vibes from him!

  14. Wendy Ang Lai Imm

    The desserts look good.

  15. Mike, just came in here, after watching the ‘uncle roger censoring the interview with you video’I have always liked your videos n.uncle rogers but this time, uncle rogers has proved himself, disappointing!
    . Tq Mike, for speaking out bravely. Respect

  16. Chad Thundercock

    12:42 that background looks unrealistically beautiful

  17. Supian Zainuddin

    The Ipoh guys showing you around are so nice and friendly.

  18. we are summer everyday , Malaysians would agree

  19. Please tell me what Rick is saying when he motions to the camera while you are getting roast pork?

  20. Milkey! How comee you did not tell me you were coming to Ipoh? You are best. Keep safe!

  21. Sadie R. Trego

    Oh I love them those two are so nice Steven and Rick their so awesome Mikey 🤗🥰👍😁🙏🤍 Rick is so cute and fun

  22. loveispatient0808 Lee

    “It’s summer every day!” 😀😀

  23. Very impressed with the people of Malaysia! Awesomely friendly and a lot of the people spoke English VERY well! Great series Mike! Duh! Yes the food had me drooling 🤤!

  24. Steven and Rick are awesome!!! Very friendly and positive attitude.

  25. Mike is rude to point with the chop stiks

  26. I feel like homie guide guy didn't really know what the fuck it was all about? He was just along for the free food. Zero input.

  27. Hing-Cheong Choi

    Lots of sea salt they obtain for the Chicken and they sell tons of them per day.

  28. shiro the baka

    fun fact, right beside the "dessert street" is a school that i used to go.

  29. Today 2 years in covid sharing food like this is history

  30. i study in bangalore,india and i sometimes felt something is missing. just came to me that . The missing food are pork or beef in a restaurant.

  31. Joseph Hamzah Anwar

    I agree with the food that he'd tried but I think it doesn't really reflect the variety of cuisines that we have in Ipoh. Apart from the Chinese food, we have Indian, Malay and Orang Asli food as well sold in Ipoh. You should try Andersonian Club's banana leaf rice, Yong Suan's nasi ganja, somewhere where you can get tempoyak dishes, Ananda Bhavan in Little India and not forgetting, the nasi buluh viral in Meru.

    And of course, not the Teochew one at the Concubine Lane, not the Big Mom's one, the supreme winner of any taufufah in Malaysia must be the Funny Mountain Taufufah. Extremely soft and it just melts on your tongue as you discover the gingery note in the rich, sugary syrup.

  32. Garbage tier food in this one

  33. Andrew Esswein

    you are not starving, so not starving. goood food

  34. School? In real life it’d be inappropriate 😂

  35. should have eaten the dessert first!

  36. Yoda is that you nigga ?

  37. Folks this chap delivers the best presentation of street food he is refreshing and an absolute delight, others should watch and learn as to how it should be done, Mikey thank you for a wonderful show.
    Cheers Marius (Australia)

  38. Lalhmahruaia Chhakchhuak

    Why didn't u combine that soymilk😂😂😂 u r marco polo of food…

  39. Look at the guy wearing blue at 17:07

  40. Understood goldilocks

  41. Those are HK celebrities outside the salted chicken shop

  42. Soooo jealous lah….Thank-you Mike, vicariously eating with you….Canadian, made in Malaysia

  43. 17:04 that guy on the left 🤣

  44. OMG!!! I have the very same spoons!! They were given to me. Sooo cool!!

  45. Love love these videos!!

  46. Sharky Fernandez

    6:50 "cutting queue!" Ahahahahahaha