Xem Singapore + Malaysia (K-von tặng một Tour MIỄN PHÍ!)

Muốn có một TOUR MIỄN PHÍ đến Singapore và Malaysia? Chà, tệ quá, vì dù sao thì bạn cũng đang nhận được một cái! * Viết khoảnh khắc yêu thích của bạn trong BÌNH LUẬN * SUBSCRIBE + Chia sẻ! YouTube.com/KvonComedy & www.facebook.com/KvonComedy Insta / Twitter / Telegram: KvonComedy Tour Ngày + Đặt trước: K-vonComedy.com.

Chuyên mục du lịch của chúng tôi tổng hợp thông tin từ youtube. Bản quyền thuộc về tác giả của video đó. Nếu có gì thắc mắc vui lòng liên hệ chủ video bên dưới phần mô tả.

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  1. Next time you are in Singapore, visit the MacRitchie reservoir for a walk/run. Beautiful place. Didn't you try Durian? Haha.

  2. Wow!

  3. Nice 👏👏👏

  4. Got to love the papaya salad!!!

  5. 1:20 i swear this is me with my partner every day lol.
    Also k-von please tell me that you’re hairy because otherwise it’s hard to convince my friends that you’re Iranian !

  6. Syeda Maliha Huq

    I am quite inquisitive to know, could you actually made it all the way to the temple in Bath Cave?
    For me, my friend forced me all the way up there and later on while coming down I had to recite all the "duas" for life and the fear of monkeys too. 😂😂😂

  7. Abdullah Irfan

    K-von really needs to come to Pakistan 🇵🇰😛
    A tour with him may perhaps convince him

  8. Half persian and half Scottish great combo!
    Saw the toilet… but wait how tall is he??
    I would lose lots of weight, just by the looks of some foods…

  9. Awesome vid, be sure to try the cheslic when you get to South Dakota

  10. Next time try hotels on Albert Street, bugis, or Victoria Street, a little more maybe in price tag but far superior.

  11. singapore, name it city of shamepronounced Words! lol. you know what koon mean in persia dont you

  12. niloofar zarif

    I also have been in Singapore for more than 2 months now. Such a great city!

  13. This is beautiful Singapore? Thank you for sharing