Arsenal’s Singapore Tour – Ngày 1

Ngày đầu tiên trong chuyến đi của tôi đến Singapore, nơi tôi sẽ xem một vài trận đấu của Arsenal, cũng như tham quan các thắng cảnh địa phương. THEO DÕI – TWITTER: THEO DÕI – INSTAGRAM: LIKE – FACEBOOK: Nhạc cụ từ Soulrhymaz – https: // www / watch? v = pRv_UBrRQrY DT được biết đến với những câu nói bá đạo trên Arsenal Fan TV, anh ấy là một cổ động viên cuồng nhiệt, suốt đời của Arsenal với khiếu hài hước độc đáo. Tham gia cùng anh ấy trong cuộc hành trình của anh ấy khi anh ấy VLOGS trải nghiệm ngày thi đấu của mình và có một số niềm vui trong suốt chặng đường! #Arsenal #Cech #Ospina #Leno #Bellerin #Monreal #Koscielny #Mustafi #Sokratis #Holding #Ozil #Xhaka #Iwobi #Ramsey #Welbeck #Lacazette #Kolasinac #Mkhitaryan #Aubameyang #Football #Fans #Vlogs #Torreira.

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Chuyên mục:

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  1. What happened in Singapore

  2. what happend in singapore? service sunday 👀👀

  3. Arsenal HK - arsenal news today

    Anyone here after Emery sack😂

  4. Welcome to singapore dt. This will be one of the best countries you have ever visited! Enjoy. Im in SG as well i hope i’ll get a chance to meet you bro!!

  5. Some sick background music

  6. Let’s hope we have a good pre-season COYG

  7. Supercooled Liquid

    5:27 Hot blonde babe with her hot chocolate love machine, don robbie

  8. Cool vlog!

  9. Just going for the holiday the Goonettes already beaten by Atletico Madrid again 😀

  10. Good luck winning the league with your mid-aged squad

  11. That Ferris wheel looked just like The London Eye… I bet you felt right at home when you saw that.

  12. He should because Singapore is a crap team, even to South East Asian standards! (Their u16s got battered 16-0 by Indonesia.)

  13. I think Robbie is gonna buy the Singaporean FA.

  14. Guendouzi is good

  15. I hope you will enjoy your time in Singapore!

  16. Singapore!!! That where I live!

  17. Welcome to Singapore! Hope it will be an amazing tour for you, Robbie, and the Arsenal crew

  18. nikolqa stanojski

    Respect DT you are the mean bro nicee job lets go ARSENAL lets try 2/2 go guners end CHELSEA 3 c mon TRY TO NO LET EVERY BODY DOWN

  19. Mohamed Daniel

    DT you must try the Asian fruits don't only spend your time drinking beers lol
    I suggest you the durian fruit

  20. the vlog was lit

  21. Dt do you and troops get on

  22. Hi DT I want to bring this to your attention what do you think Robbie you and troops go and hold trials and then face spencer fc or hashtag United for wembley cup 2018 at least arsenal can pick up some silverware this season I believe we can beat spencer fc or hashtag United COME ON U ARSENAL

  23. I live in Singapore lol

  24. Md Hasif Amirrudin

    Im a singaporean. Mr DT u are an insipiration to me, i hope i can meet u while ur in here hahaha

  25. KingDoms Kingdom1985

    World class vlog mate. Always look forward to your ones. Have a great time out there and hope the team perform well for ya. All the best pal.

  26. Paul Anthony - MusicHaven

    How long you guys are gonna be here for?

  27. My Uncle Tony and his family used to live in Singapore before he came back here! Good views of the city too!

  28. Nicole Rodgers

    Just curious. Do any of y'all take your ladies on trips with you to matches?

  29. I like the way you're supporting Iwobi. Keep my fingers crossed

  30. Mr DT glad u back again, i know you travel to overseas for only Arsenal Games, miss ur vlogs Man.

  31. With the high ticket prices at home and all those exotic Europa League locations, you could always rebrand as a Travel Vlog…

  32. See yall there! And welcome to Singapore!

  33. Hardly a vlog! Basically just B roll for 6 mins. Come on DT you can do better

  34. welcome to singapore Mr DT. Loves you views about arsenal in general. Continue the good work.

  35. Welcome to Singapore! Weather these days is a bit crazy. It is really hot but rains heavily at times. Bring an umbrella wherever you go!

  36. welcome to singapore DT! COYG!