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  1. Thanks for watching! What do you think about this space & would you live here? :~)

  2. This was so relatable!!! The house shares I lived in around London all had fake house plants, random ‘quirky’ artwork, cheap furniture and came with weird roommates with zero common sense 🥲 wishing you the best! Your room is wonderful✨

  3. "Why are you filming the air?" 😂🤣

  4. Gosh ! So expensive for Hdb common room, at $1500, u can easily get studio condo

  5. I have so much respect for how you ran an entire business in a corner!!! WOWZA

  6. thanks for sharing; you've such a bubbly personality, omg you do have lots of stuff 🤔

  7. priyanka prasad

    You are the best and cutest creator i know 💖💖💖💖💖💖 i love love youuuuu 😭😭😭


    CCTV is an invasion of privacy.
    If landlord respects tenants' privacy, he/she should not install it in the entire unit at all.
    I don't think it is a norm in Singapore for landlords to check and spy on tenants. You can request for it to be removed. 😇

  9. Mary Judea Caballero

    You're making me want to revisit my love for funky jewelry 🥺💕 i adore you so so much 🥺💕💕💕💕

  10. Milla Katarina - Travel & Side Hustles

    This was so interesting to watch! I had no idea landlords use surveillance cameras in some places, that's very odd 😅 But really interesting to see how people live in different parts of the world.

  11. Natalie Rivera

    Really enjoyed the tour! I agree that roommates are the worst and the best way to learn that there are people incapable of cleaning up after themselves 😤 Glad you're moving onto better things! Hope the move goes smoothly and you two feel at home there 💗 also I really adore your personality sm you’re just so fun 🥰

  12. Still can't believe I was watching this video when I heard first blasts when Russian invasion started. This is crazy. Thank you for making soothing content, it's a small bridge to normality during this horrible war.

  13. Its amazing how well you use your space, hoping for nth but the best for you in the near future!

  14. The taken down immediately art tour had me d y i n g. 😂

  15. omg you are paying literally same as me XD why you only have a room woman I know looks pretty but I hope doesn't damage your economy in the long run, I'm currently living in a apartment 2 bedroom 2 bathroom and I'm paying around 1 200 dollars

  16. The decoration is beautiful! 🙂

  17. titansim2007小沈

    Which area? Good price

  18. I love the vibes in the bedroom !!

  19. I somehow lost track of your channel but thank you YouTube recommended for bringing it back to me.
    You did so much with that room. That pricey room. I've never lived with roommates but I know I would hate sharing common areas because some people are just gross. And that security camera is creeping me out and I don't even live there.
    I actually miss living near a fire station. It's funny how some people never get used to the noise of a fire station but I could sleep through the lights and sirens since I was a baby 😅 It sounds wrong to say I miss hearing the sirens because obviously someone is having an emergency when you hear them but it's somehow nostalgic to me. But not all sirens sound the same and not all fire fighters do it the same either. 😂

  20. I love how cheery your room looked compared to the common area. You guys made such a lovely home-y space. I can't wait to take a peek into your new place! ^_^ Much love from London!

  21. i laughed so hard to the painting that said "did you think to pray?" with the cactus hahaha

  22. My furnished studio with inner bathroom & kitchen cost around USD 3,200 (~SGD 4,400) per year, including room cleaning & full laundry in Jakarta. Price is crazy in SGP!

  23. Woah S$1,500/ month could easily get you a master bedroom in Bishan actually! Glad to know you are moving out, that was an exorbitant rate

  24. just watched your 2021 tour 🙂

  25. This video is great. So much natural talent shining through.

  26. Genevieve McCarthy

    I love this!!!!! And youre so cool 🙂

  27. Eugene Chua Yun Jun

    Is that considered a studio though

  28. I love you guys room!!! ( i need a an earring wall ! Let me go make one 🏃🏾‍♀️) A security camera! oh no lol we do not in America if we do it’s illegal. Also I’m screaming , you are funny. This would of been my house tour. I’ve learned about people living with you and they were living with me ( free) 🤦🏾‍♀️ yes you never know how dirty people are. No it’s not controlling making that sign it stops bugs and mice. I have the $10 clothing rack from ikea and they are full. Hanging In there though 😂 haha great video.

  29. I like your honesty and personality 😂😂

  30. old condos are the best!!! I can’t wait for you to open shop please I wanna buy things 🥺 eh is it legal for your landlord to have cctv in the house tho????

  31. Idk but I think you would enjoy coming to Mexico , it is very colorful like you

  32. Oh my goodness. Cringing for you and what you had to put up with in this place. So happy to hear you are moving out!

  33. Omg I missed you 😭😭😭😭


  35. Maximalism in 16 minutes

  36. Carol Moonlover

    Seeing the "before" footage I was like "wait is it the same room?!" it's incredible what you did with the space, so cool and reflective of your personality. Happy for you for moving to something new, it's always good to start fresh and can't wait to see the new space.

    And just love your makeup in this video. Any chance you could share what lipstick it is you're wearing please??

    Alsoooo I have to say I guess those supplements etc are working wonders, because your skin is flawless haha

  37. I hope you guys found a great new home!

  38. Stella Fantasia

    Title's kinda clickbait-y~ I clicked thinking this was a studio apartment. I was curious to find out where and how the monthly rental price for a studio apartment was only S$1500. But it's only a common room. Ok

  39. "I'm sorry it died" My heart sank 😭
    On a seperate note, I always enjoy your videos! You have such a fun personality and I'm so inspired to create a small business of my own because of your content. Thanks for sharing your life with us <3

  40. Too bad, you can't have idol pictures on toilet walls now🤣I live in a share house too and I am kind of a neat freak, so I got mad atmost everyday when my housemates left their stuff randomly at the public area.