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  1. Santhosh Santhosh

    Niga Singapore la egga hirukiga akka

  2. Beautiful ❤️
    Can u pls share the link for floor lamp..

  3. Joseph Pradier

    Home Tour super sister 👌👌👌👌 France

  4. Akka pregnant ah irukingala just ketkanumnu thonuchu don't mistake me😊

  5. Joséphine ANTONISAMY

    Hi very very nice and cosy home with super decor. Please if you do not mind remove the mirror and put it not front of your bed. As per Feng shui it is not recommanded.

  6. Hi nan first time unga video. Paakuren… Very beautiful home … Neat aa arrange pannierukkinga… Superb ….

  7. Lavanya Ravichandran

    Hi sowmi am new to Singapore…i am just watching your videos….I've watched only 3 videos….but am fully comfortable nd satisfied with your video..nd Loving the way you carry your home…

  8. Abinaya Vishwanathan

    Such a minimalist & neat home sister d way u decorated is d best

  9. Wat a co incident.. i hv a bought a condo like tis in malaysia.. same design.. the hse wil complete built after 3 years later. I too planned a dining table at outside the coridoor.. mine 3 room wit 2 bathroom.. behind the hse got 3 parking lot.. eargely waiting fr new hse.. nway nice deco n beautiful hse too.. i got many ideas after saw ur home tour.. tq

  10. Sunmathi Sathish

    Hi sister..nan sg ipathan new vanthurukan..en daughter school sekanum.she is 5+.. English language learning ku enga any spl tution center eruka..konjam solunga pls ethu best for learning language

  11. Folklore Swift

    Very nicely organised home. Beautifully decorated by you both 👍🏽👍🏽 Where do you store your suitcases. Because even I have that and it's always diff to find a place


    Home LA supera beauty fulla irukku nalla hardworking pannirking…
    Speech & videos super…

  13. Outdoor Dining table — 'wat abt crows and pigeons?'

  14. Divya Lakshmi Velmurugan

    hi sis , i am divya from chennai ,now planning to move singapore along with my family, can u suggest or give some idea to look a rental house , really exhausted and i could not found as per our requirement . kindly help to sort out this sis

  15. Wall paper idea superb ka.. especially kitchen area👌🏻👌🏻

  16. Naga bedok akka I will meet to you

  17. Akka nega yenthaarea

  18. Immanuel Horris

    Super mam

  19. Very pleasant dear…🙂

  20. Vry nice dear happy to see 😍😍 romba Arumayana arrangements with neat and healthy hat's off u both 👍🏻 my favorite whole home Exactly balkany 😍 stay blessed 😍

  21. Beautiful house 😍😍

  22. Hi sowmya. How much is the rent?

  23. How much is the rental?

  24. Hi Sowmi
    Rathi here…..
    Beautiful description on interior an home as well…
    Good luck…👍
    House looks very Compact ( Small), just thought of kid… a boy for running & playing an kid room….that is missing….
    I missed that….but it's all purely ur wish….
    Just thought of sharing……as kid grows he needs his own space….

  25. Sudarshani Sudarshani

    I most like Singapore
    One day I came Singapore….
    ( I am Frome sri Lanka )

  26. Sudarshani Sudarshani

    Hloooo Dare very beautiful video……

  27. meenalogani mohan

    Beautiful home

  28. Hello aka, unga postpartum journey aadvik birth story video sikiram podunga. I have 1 year old baby. Food plan lam vanthurundingla aadvik ku? Athe pathi video podunga.

  29. Very beautiful home… 👌🏻

  30. Geetha Priyadharsini

    Cant move to next video without commenting..
    Really very cozy. Utilized each and every small bit of place. U invested in smarter way makes me think how u make THE HOME..Happy for you.
    Thanks for giving the insights on how to create a beautiful place to live…
    Keep rocking.. awaiting for organization videos..

  31. Dr Roopa M Harish

    Lovely ppl,wherver they are,they make the place lovely,that's reflecting in ur residence…after a long time clicked ur video,came to know u moved apartment,my bestest wishes …
    New house vandhoney… Good News oo!!!
    Will be happy to know that
    Cheers from Dubai
    Dr Roopa

  32. Nagarajan Venkoban Kittu Nagarajan

    Neenga singapore la settled ah

  33. Was waiting for this vlog for so long.. beautifully arranged..has a good vibe overall

  34. gokula krishnan

    Hi mam, i had been searching for a safety officer openings in singapore from the end jan to still now, could i get some helps and tips from your husband, i need some guidance could you please help me

  35. Mohan Nagarajan

    Hi, I would like to buy a home in singapore. If you guide me, would be more helpful for me.

  36. Very nice decorated with class

  37. Radhika Hemanth

    Beautifully organised.. simple yet very elegant.. just loved it.. very neatly arranged… All the best.. thoroughly enjoyed the video 😍

  38. nivashini .G .Mahesh

    Well maintained home,Do share wall paper details please

  39. Children's blog Samayal

    Beautiful House ❤️
    There s no wallpaper details in description box dear

  40. Anirit.N 5B group-B ROLL NO:-4

    Nice but no patience to see 40 min video. And, most of viewers are from India… listing of ur home furniture not useful to us…. but gud creativity bro.

  41. Akkka any good news🥰🥰🥰🥰

  42. Vijayalakshmi Akilan

    Oh super which area

  43. Boho Lifestyle

    What a refreshing treat to our eyes after a long wait!! ♥️ The home reflects your efforts. It's just sooo perfect! Balcony/ dining space is my most most favourite.. Dinner with such a beautiful view- just sooo dreamy to even imagine!! 🥺

  44. Ramaiah Pandimeenal

    Indian living in Korean house. Anyway very nice deco. I am very happy when you buy your own house. Save money la sister.

  45. Atlast the most awaited video is here 😍 asthetic+simple+small+compact+cozy+perfect dream house…… Rooms are well decorated interior design n colour combination are top notch 🥰 Uffff…. Hats off to the man who flows with the trend 🤩 his selections were always unique….. Absolutely adorable 😻 I loved this Akka ❤️