SIX SENSES SINGAPORE: Khách sạn di sản Duxton & Maxwell (trọn tour)

Hãy cùng tôi tham quan Six Senses Singapore. Khách sạn bao gồm hai tài sản di sản riêng biệt, cả hai đều nằm ở Chinatow của Singapore: Six Senses Duxton & Six Senses Maxwell. Nhận các đặc quyền VIP miễn phí tại Six Senses Duxton khi đặt phòng qua Virtuoso: Nhận các đặc quyền VIP miễn phí tại Six Senses Maxwell khi đặt qua Virtuoso: https:// / Đọc bài đánh giá của tôi về cả hai khách sạn (với ưu, nhược điểm và mẹo) trên blog du lịch của tôi: 05 / review-six-sense-singapore / Nếu bạn thích clip này, hãy theo dõi tôi trên Youtube (hơn 400.000 người theo dõi cho đến nay). Mỗi tuần, tôi tải lên một clip mới về các chuyến du lịch vòng quanh thế giới của tôi. THEO DÕI TÔI: Blog: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr:

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  1. how much is 1 night ?

  2. Annette Marie A. Sandvin

    This video was like opening two new books of adventure. But then again this is Six Sensenses. I loved the Pearl Suite, with the natural white style. But both of the hotels is non the less beautifully decorated. And the menu had a lot of good choises you could choose from. I also liked the streets around the hotels and buildings. Loved the comment of history that you used. Either local or about the hotel.

  3. Six senses had pulled out from singapore hence theses properties are longer managed by six senses. The hotel is not great now

  4. Илья Котов

    Слава Богу за все

  5. Six Senses is definitely one of my favourite hotel brands, their properties are so stunning. And i love Singapore, one of my favourite countries, I'd like to stay there one day.

    Where do you get the music? I like the song that played when the video starts.

  6. Fun fact; they're now part of Marriott International, under its Autograph Collection brand. One is Duxton Reserve Singapore, and the other is Maxwell Reserve Singapore.

  7. Michelle Clark

    No 🛁 tub?

  8. I've lived in Singapore, as an expatriate, for 20 years and everything the Singaporeans do – it's always meticulous. Beautiful people, stunning culture, incredible heritage – from a British colonized nation to great independence. Now, this island country is one of the most expensive places to live in in the universe. Can't wait to go back for another vacation!!!

  9. I was 100% convinced that you are using a ‘gimble’ like dj osmo for camera stability but damn when I saw your reflection I realised that you were holding the camera with your hands. Your hands are super steady (of course I’m sure the camera has stabilisation feature too). Great work 👍🏼

  10. I love your music

  11. vinodh devaraj

    The Six Senses hotel is very elegant and chic interior design with grand look which really eludes the six sense 😊

  12. Nice vid 📹. What soundtrack did you use? It's very nice

  13. I spend most of the time in night, after such a busy day, your musics in the clips giving me a nice sleep ❤

  14. Natasha Boginia Artist, sculptor, designer

    Шикарно!))) Очень роскошно))))

  15. The rooms are too small and it feels too crowded with the hotel over- furnishings.

  16. You always sounds moronic music

  17. trendingwwwandw

    What a great Singapore travel video , really enjoyed it, Thanks for sharing :)♥️🌹👍

  18. hugh oliveiro


  19. thank you for todays "through my eyes to my brain" trip I didn't have to pay money for.

  20. I love the music, what it the music, also seeing these videos of Singapore makes me want to go back, I have friend and family there

  21. Beautiful interior. 👍

  22. Sorry I'm late, Dr. LTE. Fabulous video of both hotels and their sumptuous decor. Loved the LIbrary. Singapore makes the most of its limited space–kind of like San Francisco or NYC, only much cleaner 🙂


  24. salazardale88

    Hello from a subscriber in the Philippines, will you consider visiting the island country? Cheers!

  25. Gamrie Hewert

    You need to speed the camera up.

  26. Small luxury on a budget. I would rather stay at Raffles.

  27. Very nice!!!

  28. I like all your videos. They are technically well made and I find them very relaxing. Congratulations. 👋🏻👋🏻

  29. So grand

  30. Maria das Santos

    WOW!Way beyond my meagre pocket.Although I can respect the dominant fusion of Asia with British and European influence but correctly more Asian which is so enticing.Beautiful.

  31. Second Nature

    thanks for this. i love how dark and plush The Library is. i've been to Six Senses Uluwatu and love it for completely different reasons. seems like the thing that sets them apart is they know how to use local history and architecture to curate a luxurious experience. Duxton and Maxwell are now on my list.

  32. Anthony Intawiwat

    Given it's immense size; does the hotel have is own librarian or perhaps a dedicated steward?

  33. Duxton: beautiful with a unique identity as expected from six senses
    Maxwell: extremely disappointing for six senses standards

  34. HarringtonTribal

    I spent 3 weeks at the Duxton Hotel in 2000 before it was sold and renovated. It was part of the British "Small Luxury Hotel" chain. It was a top notch property then and appears to be a top notch property now. The service and attention to detail were outstanding. The neighborhood was fun and eclectic. The only criticism I had was the distance from the metro (Tanjong Pagar) can be long and uphill.

  35. Bunch of fantasy faux orientalist designs that is not of Singaporean

  36. great, picture quality, bravo

  37. The choice of music is flawless, brings tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you.