Motovlog # 20 Tham quan Phòng trưng bày KTM Singapore DirtWheel

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Chuyên mục:

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  1. Hi guys, i wonder is there a telegram group for ktm duke 390 sg?

  2. Creed Bratton

    Did he used a spoon and a tape for his mic? 🤣

  3. Are you using a fork to hold up your mic? How cute

  4. Will there be a reviews on the ktm duke 200 2021 in the works as well ?

  5. Sheikh Marshar

    is that a fork holding the Mic?

  6. Mister Mister

    One of the best videos made. Shld have talked about the price

  7. Manpreet Singh Sidhu

    Awesome video bro! Looking forward to PML(BMW) showroom tour video in the future.😊👍

  8. Any road legal scramblers?

  9. I ride the DUKE 390 for 1week really is a awesome bike especially the 1st gear confirm go punya 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  10. Triumph showroom next!

  11. Beauty (me) and the Superduke 1290RR (BEAST!) would be fairy tale in real life. but the COE right now… just cannot…

  12. Superb lah Sharul. In track oso very skillful!

  13. COE $9500…august how to buy .KTM

  14. Sooryaa Sivaraam

    Pls do CB190R review🙏🏻🙏🏻

  15. Definitely an awesome video right here. I’ve worked alongside Encik Shahrul and he is such a wonderful person to be with. He is very knowledgeable and his work ethic is just on another level. Happy to see him featured in your video!

  16. SilenceScreamsGTR

    Was there when you guys did the motovlog at dirtwheel. Didn’t approach you guys when you did your thing but so glad you covered the brand 👍🏻

  17. Awesome awesome videos Farhan. This is one of them. Totally enjoyed watching the whole of it. Good tech on ktm bikes. Even the 2A duke 390 is full of it. I think it was not mentioned but that too have the quick shifter.

  18. Sharandev Subhas

    I've been to this dirtwheel and Shahrul was so informative. Currently riding a KTM and I'll most probably upgrade to one too.

  19. Great work Farhan!!! Nice showroom tour!


  21. Nice representation by Shahrul. But those riders who live in the east side, Dirtwheel Tampines is very well known for a wrong reason for some. Back then during the scrambler craze in 2008 to 2012 I heard so many unpleasant stories by riders who visited the shop. like they seem to be KTM-snob, look down or ignored you if you looks like dont have money kind/young people etc.
    checking on their google reviews there seem to be recent unpleasant encountered as well lol. ah well if they can survive this long thats mean the business is good

  22. are you holding the mic with a fork?

  23. Farhan. Please. Im hoping you can do more kawasaki reviews

  24. 2021 track rc8s were definitely sold to the well heeled

  25. Highly detailed presentation. Thnks

  26. Damn this guy, rider handal.. firebiker ni..

  27. I'm honoured in getting to know this guy for years.. This presentation of his is just the 'tip of the iceberg'.. He surely can go on for hours selling/sharing stuffs and ideas to u… Truely passionate in whatever he does and he packs tons of knowledge.. Honestly speaking, for any bike enthusiasts or new/soon-to-be riders, he's the guy u wanna go to if u have any doubts or inquiries on bikes especially KTM bikes. A* presentation bro Shahrul!!

  28. Chuan MOTOVLOG

    It's very nice in Singapore since all bike dealer already operate as usual , we are still lockdown in Malaysia, big fan of KTM 1290 super adventure S , massive v twin with plutonium output for the engine 😍😍😍😍😍

  29. Superbly comprehensive product presentation! Thumbs up. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and tips Sharul. Professional.

  30. You can see Sharul passion about his work. The info that he possesses on this bike is pure experience. Give that man a raise. Everytime he speaks reminds me when the instructor explaining the bike when im taking my license. 😂 Farhan and Zah. Keep up the good work! Very informative. Hope fully when u covered all the bikes. You move on to cars! 👍🏼