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  1. I love the beautiful clay pots (giant ones as the little ones), so beautiful and the soup looks yummy 🙂

  2. This place confirmed no need to mention. The best of the best old school hawker food.

  3. PPuggy TQ as always. I've just told my bro in Singapore to subscribe Ur channel too!!!

  4. wondering, is it safe (for health) use plastic container after cooked with hot stove?

  5. State the addresses please.

  6. 赞👍

  7. Show the stall unit number.

  8. So cheap ! Singapore is a rich country. But Chinese hawker cannot be rich with this tariffs

  9. New subscriber here! Amazing vids! 🥘🍲

  10. Food seems to be reasonable cheap. Whole sweet n sour fish for $12 only. Like the stall selling herbal soup using those pots really special. Must visit if there's an opportunity one day.

  11. YUMMIEST Food Hunter 美食猎人

    Thanks for the nice video 😉 all the foods look so yummy 😋 well done 👏

  12. I’m going to get my husband to cook some of these dishes!! Since we’re in lockdown, we have all the time in the world 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. what a nice change to explore evening hawkers. not so hot. i like how you include the scenery and surroundings in your videos, for instance, i like these unique pre war shophouses. they all all around SG.

  14. Awesome food hunting😋Thanx!!!☕

  15. Elizabeth Quintal

    Ahhh, love that 3D aerial shot again! Hawkers in Singapore never cease to amaze. Look at the large herbal urns/pot and the instrument they use to extract each herbal soup jar, wow! How much is the one with the nice white abalones, I could not see the price for that one on the board. Whoa, I like the black sesame – chee ma wu – my favorite. Boy Puggy, you really know how to eat, love the noodles with fish. I remember I used to eat these fresh sliced fishes either with hor fun or noodles. Yam cake and chee cheong fun, lovely combination, a plate for me please, well maybe two plates!!! Yes, I agree with Jason Chew's comment, you should be Singapore's Ambassador for the hawker centers! 👍👏😂🤣😁

  16. Mahani Masjuki

    Hai Piggypuggy 😀
    I enjoy watching the video. Tq for sharing 👍

  17. I am hungry!

  18. Jean Voronkova

    U know, aside from the constantly amazing food visuals, the audio – hearing people speak just as if I’m also hanging out there at the local hawkers, bring me closer to home. Did u see me tag u in my comment previously in my videos where terubong made contact? 😄 I said ure the new Overseas Singaporean Unit haha, cos u unite all of us thru the power of Makan! Loving the drone footage!

  19. China town oldest all food the ser char dishes veryvery nices all can always try desserts nices thanks 😃👍👍👍

  20. What is the name of this food centre?