Tour Vườn ươm cây trồng ở Malaysia | Thực vật nhiệt đới kỳ lạ, quý hiếm & KHỔNG LỒ (với hơn 40 ID thực vật)

Chúng tôi thực hiện chuyến tham quan tại một vườn ươm chứa đầy đá quý, đặc biệt tập trung vào các aroid – xem ở đây các philodendron mamei, gigas, atabopoense, gloriosum, paraiso verde và anthurium phóng đại, clarivernum, warocqueanum cộng với dương xỉ kỳ quặc, xương rồng, thú mỏ vịt, cọ và bí danh! Được quay bởi người bạn Sarawakian và người bạn tốt @Robin Wong Hãy kết nối trong Instagram: @ leafing.around Để ủng hộ kênh của tôi, bạn cũng có thể mua cho tôi cà phê hoặc đặt một cây khác trong vườn của tôi! Vườn ươm: Pun Sam Landscape Lô 18 Green Lane Jaya, Jln Sungai Buloh, Kota Damansara, 47810 Shah Alam, Selangor Mobile & Whatsapp: + 6012-913 4088 https: // www.

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  1. Lucky to have this place around you can buy anytime.

  2. I can see there are lots of these we can buy hopefully if this only here in my place.

  3. Hello, Irene. I've been to Singapore once. I am inclined to go back only because I like to visit you and learn more about your gardening tricks.

  4. Alvin Auroreus

    Awesome nursery vlog Irene! 25:00 That would be the Amorphophallus, not sure about the species though, could be paeoniifolius 🙂

  5. The last one plant, you want to know the name is elephant foot yam

  6. Very sweet Performance, greetings from Germany

  7. charles hueckstaedt


  8. Roberto Santos

    No Brasil não tem essas plantas

  9. Roberto Santos

    Muito legal

  10. Hey….Irene..I'm from India and I just watched 3 videos and they just made me hit the subscribe button as these are some awesome videos. You guys have some good big plants available in the market.. Stay safe…..Good job there !!!

  11. Remedios Usman collection

    Hillo my friend good luck to your philo sharonie

  12. LOL a plant fast!!! I need that as well!!! 😛

  13. I think Licuala Mapu is Borneo endemic plant like you and me, not only in Serawak 😁

  14. Cindy Bellwood

    I love that your husband wasn't there to nag. That is what I call mine when he starts. I call him NAG!

  15. How's your beautiful gift from Vincent doing? Such a beautiful plant! I felt the joy in you.
    Did you remember to tell Vincent about the sick lead infested with spiders?

  16. The Bong Wagon

    You're a pure joy to watch, Irene! Especially for a plant lover just like you(that's me!!!) Love from India ❤

  17. Cindy Bellwood

    Lucky you. I wish I could visit and get all the plant gifts. Lucky girl.

  18. Cindy Bellwood

    We are too much alike. We could get in real trouble plant shopping.

  19. Cindy Bellwood

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Husband wasn't there to nag. I love that. I have the same problem here in the United States.

  20. I have yours and Sean's (onlyplants) videos on autoplay whenever I work. Takes all the stress away! this was on autoplay but I don't know why it went on a loop. This is the 4th loop. I think I've memorized this video already. LOL
    I really love replaying the gift-giving at the end. That is just so sweet! <3

  21. very good video… I like it

  22. i don't think you should touch the plants in the nursery unless you are buying them. Low ethic.

  23. Datuin Channel

    Terrific viewing! Thirsty with the plants !

  24. Chee Wei Stephen Lim

    10 ringgit for 25 or 28L potting mix?Vincent ,Pls 10packs no question asked.

  25. Booking a flight now. I’m on my way

  26. I love watching all your video Irene, keep up the good job, greeting from Sabah

  27. Budak Janda Baek

    6:17 "it's got great looking abs, oooh.. hello 😏"

  28. That melanochrysum 😳

  29. mohamad hariz aminuddin

    Done subscribe

  30. Bittertamarind

    22:00 A Palm with a loooooooong Genus name! Johannesteijsmannia sp. and I think that’s a Johannesteijsmannia altifrons because the leaves is green while J. magnifica has a glaucous silvery leaves like a Bismarckia Palm Bismarckia nobilis

    25:00 It’s an Amorphophallus sp.

  31. Laura leticia Longoria

    OMG!!! Ur definitely the Best!!! GREETINGS FROM EAST TEXAS!

  32. Wish I knew the insecticide regime. Leaves are perfect

  33. 😍😍😍😍❤️🌺

  34. Mr. Guyorchid plant lover

    my philo melanochrysum has leaves 2.5 feet long and the plant is 10 feet tall!!!

  35. I will never stop buying, loving & adoring plants may it be rare or not bcoz it's been my therapy since my hubby asked me to quit my job & take care if my home & 2 kids, & now that they are both adults, working, i have lots of time to spend in my garden. I love ornamental plants & dn't even care for them their prices. You know, rare or not & beautiful plants may not be expensive bcoz there are vibrant colors like the coleus, & there are sooo nice leaves shapes now that are not pricey, but of course i love the rare one. Oh by the way, i'm envious of your Liquala Cordata😍 as i can't find in our local plant sellers. Tho, a lot of different varieties & species are available in the market. I really enjoy gardening. & so watching your vlogs i get tips & ideas & much more i am amazed with you, you have great humor! Keep it up Irene👍👍👍… i am your avid fan from the Philippines🇵🇭💚💚💚

  36. martin Cruz jr

    you are genius, thank you for inspiring us to keep planting & keep the mother earth alive🌎❤️

  37. Love your videos. It would be nice if your camera person would show more than just the up close shots of leaves. They should pan out so that the habit of the plants can be ascertained. There is more to plant viewing than ogling leaves.

  38. Beautiful plants. 🌱🌿☘️🍀

  39. I wish for a Allocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata for free. Just a small one will do. Oh my.

  40. I love your description of the plants. I love your fav plants. Ferns too. What i like most about you is your impulse control towards spending. Too much of good is not good. & you can appreciate all the plants you already have when you don't have too much at one time. Overcrowding is bad for anything.

  41. it's adorable how you mispronounced the botanical names :'))