Tham quan thực vật với Nicole Seah | Tham quan Nhà máy Căn hộ HDB Singapore

Nicole Seah yêu cây cỏ của cô ấy 🌿 Hãy tham gia cùng chúng tôi trong chuyến tham quan thực vật này trong căn hộ HDB của cô ấy ở Singapore và nghe về hành trình của cô ấy với tư cách là một người yêu thích thực vật. Nếu bạn thích video này và muốn tôi làm thêm những video này, hãy nhấn thích và đăng ký 🙂 ☆ Ủng hộ tôi trên Patreon – ► Đọc thêm về Nicole Seah tại: / ► Theo dõi tôi trên Instagram: ► Thích trên Facebook: https://www.facebook .com / bidgardener ► Đăng ký trên YouTube để biết thêm các video về làm vườn, nuôi trồng và chăm sóc bản thân! Nhạc của Singto Conley – You Are The Stars – #singapore #planttour

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  1. Christina Chen

    Thank u. It was honest n resonates with my experience.


    Nice house

  3. Chen Huiheng Macs

    Nicole made the flowers pretty..or the flowers made her pretty? Think it don't really matter which way they compliment hahahaha nicole the compassionate plant lover 😍🌱🌿☘️🍀🪴💚❤️

  4. Grafting Tactick

    So relaxing watching your video,  you have such a beautiful collections of house plants, I started to do my plants collections as well, new friend  😍💕 (subbed)

  5. Love the plants! Thank you for sharing😊

  6. Yes, spidermites is my total turn off when i 1st started indoor plants. I gave up since then. 😥

  7. put them near open window and mist once a while… if possible put a fish bowl with fishes near them or just a fish bowl with pebbles and water… this helps with humidity. this works for me.

  8. She’s still so beautiful and I love that she loves plants so much ❤️ I’m definitely not a gardening person but being around plants just calms me so much in a way I can’t explain.

  9. wah this nicole seah REALLY look and sound like my friend sia.. HAHAHAHA

  10. any plants that's actually edible?

  11. What is the name the place she mentioned that sounded like carouscape? I would like to search for them but failed to do so

  12. Hi, I m new to your channel.enjoy watching your video.looking forward for more.👍

  13. Nice plants. Come join us in aquascaping to grow more exotic underwater plants @Nature Aquarium Kakis Singapore.

  14. How many room is she staying in? 3 room or 4 room?

  15. HowWouldLovelyz

    i wish i am 50% as charismatic and eloquent as she is

  16. The plant tour I never knew I needed!!!

  17. Will too many indoor plants emits too much CO2 inside the house during day time? The plants are lucky to have someone like you meticulously taking great care of them

  18. Hmm…. Did she say, started her Pritam tri color craze? @3:57 Anyway, she's the most optimistic gardener I've seen.

  19. Yes! Make more videos like this 👍Nicole is adorable and she sounds a lot like you!

  20. Kian Kok Phang

    Everything is perfect but Dehumidifier inside the closed up greenhouse is a no-no. The humidity will seeps into the electrical parts of the humidifier and posed an electrical hazard. My 2 cents.

  21. RanajayOnTheRoad

    I have the same humidifier in my home!

  22. The Tender Gardener

    Extra content on The Tender Gardener blog – To find out how Nicole keeps plant pests under control, please read the blogpost, link in description 🙂

  23. Marine The Plant Machine

    Gorgeous plants 😍
    Love the way you tell your story, similar to mine!
    Happily subscribing 😊🌱💚

  24. 13 minutes of Nicole Seah Geeking out about her Plant type pokemons. This is the content we need in our lives.

  25. Thanks for the video. The Agloanema pictum tricolor sounds poached from the wild. Which I think you shouldn't mention it.

  26. Rabbit hole is right. Haworthia, Acer palmatum, pinguicula, and drosera ftw!

  27. Glad to see the adaptation for growing indoors inside an apartment.

  28. Rooting Mindfully

    I enjoyed your video very much. I buy plants from ecuagenera, I wish I could buy locally but they are not offered in my area. I wish I could get a monstera esqueleto but that is too expensive for me. I am like you and reaching the point in which I don’t really want to many more plants but would like to grow out the ones I have and just appreciate them as well.

  29. Love the regale!