Tham quan Phòng Căn hộ Cao cấp của Singapore

Chúc mừng ngày quốc khánh! Hôm nay là chuyến tham quan phòng của một căn hộ cao cấp nằm ngay trước Marina Bay Sands. Tôi đã tạo một video về căn phòng khác trên kênh chính của mình. Bạn có thể kiểm tra nó từ liên kết bên dưới. Chúc mừng ngày quốc khánh. HUAT AH !! 😃Subscribe : 🎥Watch – My Culture Shock in Japan : https: // V = v3cQUpbw2ic Theo dõi tôi trên mạng xã hội! 📸Instagram 🐦Twitter Máy ảnh thiết bị quay phim của tôi – Ống kính siêu rộng – / 2Xp6rl8 Các thắc mắc về Công việc (お 問 い 合 わ せ) ✉️[email protected] Bạn có thể gửi thư của người hâm mộ nhưng tôi có thể không trả lời được tất cả các thư đó. Nhưng tôi vô cùng đánh giá cao sự hỗ trợ của bạn. Cảm ơn bạn! #Singapore #GhibOjisan # シ ン ガ ポ ー ル.

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  1. How much ?

  2. Love from India ♥

  3. Echezona Okeke

    So if you want to hurry to the restroom. You wait for the elevator forever. 😆

  4. Could you please advise the rental rate of a studio apartment? Is it by week or a month, and the contact details?. Thank you

  5. Beautiful cat. 😺

  6. It's so odd having bed in a living room 😂 Not to mention the windows which can be easily opened from DOWNSIDE (omg why?!😱). The view is awesome, but where are the blinds?? Maybe they have them I don't know.

  7. Ojitos Chiquititos

    How much a month ?

  8. what is the name of the condo building plz ?

  9. Hey I am Indian

  10. Singapore is only good for tour or work not to live. I rather love to live in big and wild places.

  11. What’s so luxury abt the apartment? No bathtub nothing. Even my home has one although juz a bachelor pad

  12. Being a poor Southern Italian, I can only dream that one day I will live in this wonderful (but competitive) country. Congratulations from Italy.

  13. Never see ur wife😅

  14. I think they have from studio to 3 bedroom apartment. All high rise with kitchen facilities.

  15. This apartment is managed by One north bridge. Very nice cool service apartment.

  16. Fully furnished , housemaid n beverages.
    In Tokyo ,lots of skyline units too. You can afford too.

  17. High Street Center Apartment…

  18. ゴン太ふぇ


  19. Aaroiseverything

    This is so cool!

  20. @9:18 – from left to right, One Raffles Place‎ , UOB Plaza‎  and Pickering Operations Complex‎  were designed by Kenzo Tange (Japanese architect/firm) .

  21. It’s near Liang court like our little Japan

  22. wow, ojisan, your mandarin is getting better. Have you been studying chinese? Please introduce our country to the china market.

  23. Princess Yuuka


  24. If I’m filthy rich, I don’t mind renting the apartment to enjoy the view and facilities! Otherwise, minus working hours, the amount of time spent in this apartment will be jus to sleep and it’s too expensive jus to do that!

  25. 同じの見た気がします。

  26. can you please show us the view at night, would be awesome

  27. Yes, the view is fantastic! Three wow!

  28. The kitty security guard is not doing its job, caught napping at work, need to be fired! Hahaha….Happy National Day ! 🇸🇬

  29. Shirley Lim MP

    The "boss/ security" is eating snake 😂😂

  30. TheVengefulOne

    The apartment doesn't look very lived in imo. Either it is a service apartment or a bachelor's pad lol

  31. 独立記念日に良い義両親孝行が出来ましたね♪

  32. Huat Ah! NDP Lai Liao!

  33. Is this a Service Apartment ? What’s Name of this Apartment ?

  34. U didn’t record the NDP fly pass etc. ?

  35. Enjoy the fireworks tonight. 🎆🎇

  36. Youtiao油条Zerovalk Walking Virtual Tours

    huat ah booked for ndp? =) have fun