Tham quan ẨM THỰC ĐƯỜNG TRUNG QUỐC tại SINGAPORE! Trung tâm ẩm thực Maxwell Khu phố Tàu, Singapore + Thức ăn đường phố HIẾM

Thức ăn đường phố Singapore | Món ăn đường phố Singapore | Món ăn Trung Quốc Trong tập thứ hai của chúng tôi từ Singapore, chúng tôi sẽ thử thêm phong cách bán hàng rong Thức ăn đường phố của Trung Quốc TUYỆT VỜI hơn tại Khu ẩm thực Maxwell ở Khu Phố Tàu, Singapore! Đồ ăn Trung Quốc ở đây thật KHÔNG THỂ TIN ĐƯỢC! Đặc biệt là Fish Bee Hoon đó! Cảm ơn các bạn đã xem! ================================================== ====== Xin chào, tên tôi là Luke Martin với! Tôi đang trong hành trình ghi lại những Món ăn Đường phố TỐT NHẤT trên khắp thế giới! Chopstick Travelers có trụ sở tại Đài Loan, nơi chúng tôi thường xuyên có các quầy Thức ăn đường phố ngon nhất ở khắp mọi nơi từ Đài Bắc đến Cao Hùng. Chúng tôi không chỉ thưởng thức những món ăn đường phố tuyệt vời ở Đài Loan, mà những chuyến du lịch tập trung vào ẩm thực còn đưa chúng tôi vào các sứ mệnh Ẩm thực đường phố, thử những món ăn độc đáo ở những nơi như Nhật Bản, Malaysia, Hàn Quốc, Hồng Kông và trên khắp thế giới! Tôi đăng 2 lần một tuần chủ yếu là đồ ăn, một số chuyến du lịch. Các chuyến tham quan Ẩm thực đường phố trên khắp thế giới và những món ăn độc đáo nhất mà chúng ta có thể tìm thấy trong tất cả các loại nhà hàng nhỏ. Cập nhật video mới nhất của tôi VIA trang Facebook và Instagram của chúng tôi! – – Luôn nhớ rằng phần tốt nhất của chuyến du lịch là đắm mình trong văn hóa địa phương và không nơi nào tốt hơn bạn có thể đắm mình hơn vào Thức ăn đường phố! Singapore / Thức ăn đường phố / Luke Martin / Du lịch bằng đũa / Thức ăn đường phố Trung Quốc / Món ăn Trung Quốc / 2017.


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  1. 鸡胸肉看了就没味口再好吃也一般

  2. Come to our country East malaysia ,Sarawak many kind food u can eat here

  3. dat chilli sauce needs adahof gingerand a drop of dark soy sauceand IMO i fel the best chicken rice is at "boon tong kee" shop along river valley road

  4. Quakespear Shatters

    Tian Tian Chicken rice may not be the tastiest hainanese Chicken rice in Singapore, but it is definitely the most accessible to foreigners visiting Singapore. Locating near chinatown and downtown business district, Maxwell Hawker Centre is also where you can find the cheapest meal around that area.

  5. Singapore has street food??🤣🤣🤣🥱🥱🥱

  6. Been there 2014. Had the chicken rice there. The line up was a bit crazy at the time.

  7. Hing-Cheong Choi

    The peanuts do match well with those oysters pancakes. That fish broth is similar to salted soy milk. He was fortunate that he got his Hainan Chicken Boneless/Skinless.

  8. Look very good chickens rice beautiful healthy foods spices and not spicy foods thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods enjoy them when you both get home you don,t get foods like this in your hometown thanks

  9. Kemarat Affeltranger

    2day my missing son must look like a adult young man like you. i had to leave her soon cuz her main boy frind whoul kill me😂 Keanu reves

  10. Luke Martin love his foods go over the world best foods spices and not spicy foods thanks

  11. Kowhai Harakeke

    Loved watching this! Also a fan from New Zealand 😊 but I’m in Singapore right now so about to go try all these delicious foods 😋😋

  12. I love all your video's ❤❤❤✌

  13. It look beautiful healthy foods very good fresh healthy foods thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods love your video thanks

  14. Chantel Goodwin

    I love watching your channel and show all the best thank you & Sabrina happy fan from New Zealand Chantel!

  15. 天天海南雞飯的老老板,人很可愛有趣!

  16. June Viarruel

    Is coconut a fruit? 🤔 no it's a nut! 😂😂😂 I adore you too. This was one of my older favs… 🌴🌹

  17. You look like a Caucasian mark weins, do the head tilt

  18. A poster of Anthony Boudain, I think that chicken rice must be really delicious.

  19. is the food safe

  20. Very good chicken rice and ducks rice to love the food in. Singapore you can buy any food you like thank you for sharing your beautiful video. 25–11-18:

  21. Looks good!

  22. 很喜歡你的影片,不過可以有更多中文、英文字幕嗎?可以方便我練英文聽力,謝謝你!

  23. It look very good chicken rice love it all you very lucky to be there. I will be there end of the year to visiting my families wish. I can see you there pity you both not there thank you for sharing Bless you two .

  24. In April I stayed at the Scarlet, which is right around the corner from Maxwell Nice place. The "famous" chicken rice stall left me cold. I was the first person in line in the morning. The woman who waited on me was one of the least friendly people I've ever encountered! Contrast her to the sweet woman who has the silken bean curd stall nearby.

  25. Try the rice, Martin. And where is the cucumber?

  26. You've make a common mistake like most people do when ordering any kinda chicken rice.

    By not specifying which part of the chicken you wanna eat, most stalls
    would automically gave you chicken breast meat which is more coarse n dry in texture which most locals least preferred.

    Best tender portion would be the chicken butt thigh area along the upper spine to the neck or chicken wings.Its the same when ordering KFC.

    So both vlog with the Soy Sauce chicken n Hainanese chicken you've gotten breasts meat ….😆😅

  27. littleadventurer

    Maxwell food center isn’t in Chinatown.

  28. bullshit the only reasons why any of you want too be foodie bitch! would say what you just said! its because those so called chefs and you are cashing in to what has always be recipes for centuries and has been until people like ourselves real chefs home school take the stand and stop you bitches from filming etc in any given country/countries etc in the end stealing what has always existed for centuries worldwide and making money off it shame on you bastards!

  29. its rare because its unhealthy ,lol , one of those sinful food

  30. Awesome SG food👍

  31. Using bare hands (without gloves) is most unhygienic in qreqaring hawkers food, esqecially in modern Singaqore is quite unheard of.

  32. singapore street food best…street food in malaysia less contents.,..thanks to their gst….just compare the chicken rice

  33. Zohaib Jadoon

    China is tha best

  34. Love the food you try you very brave for trying hot and spicy food love chicken,s rice very good. You both very good with your video I love your video is very good thank you for sharing your video.

  35. When has Maxwell Market become Chinetown of Singapore?

  36. shitiengg思廷

    his pronunciation is always on point !!

  37. Concentrate Corner

    how much will u sell me that shirt for lol

  38. Great videos Luke!  I love the way you introduce the food, honest trailers. One thing that I'm curious about is, why does singapore use so much plastic one time foodware…

  39. On my list to visit

  40. You sure know your food well Luke 😀

  41. add black soya sauce on the chicken rice!!!