Nhà giàu ở Malaysia (Đi bộ Tham quan)

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  1. What kind of people live here? The kind who do not work hard for a living or that have connection ! 😃

  2. Augustine Achin

    Pergi zoo la ichang

  3. Fre Shava Cado

    Her voice is soo cute😹😹😹

  4. Human can be such a ricg

  5. Nur Natasha Adilla

    You guys should bring an umbrella cause it's very hot in afternoon

  6. Pajeet is gonna raped your wife and sister

    I visit there once

  7. Classic Potato

    Bring umbrella its hot outside

  8. You should went to near Jalan Permata seksyen 7 in Selangor , alots of Mansion and banglows there and King of Selangor state live here too .. but there has a guard and pretty strict

  9. that is ghost house

  10. Aku ingat org yang kat intro tu kena rasuk

  11. takleh bla siakk die punya gta sound effect

  12. Rumah botak chin pun ada di bukit tunku dekat area tijani sana

  13. Aladdin pun masuk lam walking tour dorg weyy🤣😂

  14. Hi can you do a new video like this if nice big houses in Malasyia that rich people have or that are for sale what area do they rich live ? Thank You

  15. Farisa Qistina

    Imagine watching this and came across your house 👀

  16. can we eat those house? I imagined it as a very big cake…

  17. マレーシアでは日本と同じではありません。歩行者をしないでください。マレーシアでは強盗がたくさんいます。

  18. Perwirakasa Solutions

    This area is full of ministers

  19. Philip Michael

    Our ex-pm house is just near the corner. (Najib)

  20. If want a tour in Malaysia. Should be after 5pm. And the view of sunset in Malaysia is ❤️

  21. which city and zone is this ?!?!???

  22. Did you guys found gackt’s house? 😬

  23. Jimmy what is ghibli meaning?

  24. All these houses are either belong to politicians or politicians.

  25. Bukit Tunku?

  26. certainly. Not exist any stray dogs in rich town. others many malaysia town full of dogs and cats
    problems is that.

    poor country india, cambodia, malaysia`s normal town. all look same by no master with dogs and cats
    developed country and rich town not like that

  27. You guys , why.,,,,,. Round island , very hot lol

  28. Shairie Izarul

    Wait, that my house!

  29. We prefer to drive because it's too hot outside 🔥

  30. Bring umbrella with you ah 🙂 I myself a malaysian would never walk at that time tho, it's so hot lah

  31. Ibrahim Haneef

    Been to Bangkok, you may see more

  32. video low quality.

  33. Ni macam kat jalan duta je kan? Memang kawasan org kaye2 situ rumah najib kt situ laa

  34. I've decided to be rich in the next life😶

  35. I think rich people don't have time to watch tv or you tube. They'r too busy working while their mansion house are left empty.


    Stay safe konon..mask mana x pakai tu..where is your mask guys? Please put on it 😁

  37. They are from japan, this house in japan will cost u at least 200 million above. Event a small condo in tokyo will cost u 5 millions USD.

  38. There are hundreds of elit and super elit areas in Klang Valley…endless story if you wish to explore all of them

  39. The Tamam Duta is next neigbourhoods to Istana Negara which cost abt RM1.2 bilion

  40. You should not walk alone in this area because very sensitive. Just pass by car is ok. Normally every half and hour the police car will patrol this area..you could be questioned and get arrested for wandering in this super elit area

  41. This area cannot get a house price <RM10 mil…RM15 also very2 hard because of the locn, land and house value itself