[HD] Tham quan Universal Studios Singapore – Công viên Giải trí Universal Studios

[HD] Tham quan Toàn bộ Ổn định của Universal Studios Singapore. Universal Singapore nằm trên Đảo Sentosa ở Singapore. Vậy công viên Universal Studios yêu thích của các bạn là gì? Cái ở Universal Studios Hollywood? Universal Studios Florida? Universal Studios Nhật Bản? hoặc Universal Studios Singapore. Một số chuyến đi bạn sẽ tìm thấy tại Universal Studios Singapore là: – Đi thuyền Madagascar – Đi thuyền Sesame Street Dark – Đi xe Transformer – Trình diễn Hiệu ứng Đặc biệt Cơn bão – Đi tàu lượn siêu tốc The Mummy – và nhiều hơn nữa … Singapore nằm ở Đông Nam Á . Từ Los Angeles, mất khoảng 18 giờ bay thẳng để đến Singapore. Video quay tháng 11/2017.

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  1. This is the only Universal Park with no Harry Potter attractions.

  2. 👍

  3. KaviPaveenHarvin

    Wow!! Really a beautiful place…..

  4. i miss USS

  5. tk 2007

  6. Never been here in 3 yrs

  7. Naufal Ibrahim Rofi


  8. 😇

  9. deepy khadilkar

    does this have a wheel chair faciility?

  10. Ya Allah semoga suata saat ada rejeki bs kesingapore

  11. I traveled here in 15 may 2021! Enchanted Airways was SCARY🥵👻

  12. I have been to Universal Studios at Singapore last May 23 2017.

  13. Remember going here when I was 7, ah the memories it's all flooding in

  14. Só faltou a area do Harry Potter ❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Sanjana Raghunath

    This was my most favorite place in Singapore….

  16. bro far far away would be an amazing section of universal I wish they would do something like that in america

  17. VegaZi's - Gaming & Studies

    i ma Indonesian but i really miss travelling to sg

  18. Well the rides there are getting boring as i go there a few times already

  19. I remember walking up to the entrance when working in Singapore back in 2010 but decided against going in based on cost and being on my own. Found it odd that’s it’s essentially in a shopping mall from memory

  20. The most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my entire Life. After the COVID done I wish we all meet there again 😉

  21. when human free from using mask . i miss 2018 🙁

  22. I've been there once 😁

  23. Ong Wei Shiung

    Wow I liked this its a great one but I think it was a good Singapore park

  24. Why are parts of the park covered? Because of rain?

  25. IGOTINSPIZEN a multi

    Omg I miss traveling sooo much! I can still remember talking with Donkey in his live show last January 2017.

  26. My Memory Me and my love Ayu 2013….

  27. I remember coming here on a field trip with my friend, it was amazing, had a lot of fun, but i really regret not going to the mummy and jurassic ride, it was very hot that day and we were lazy to walk.

  28. I had been there but we had a tour guide and she only gave us 1hr and I only gotten to ride 2 rides 🥺😑

  29. shiron radiation

    Ahh nostalgia 🥺 I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 and I went to universal studios singa at 2015 January

  30. The jurassic park one was so special amongst all the other jurrasic rides all arnd the world, IT WAS A CIRCULAR BOAT

  31. too bad theres covid 2 more months and we get in that flippin ride

  32. Christopher Walker

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  33. How much go to inside sis thanks

  34. I went there every weekend but it got boring

  35. Jackson Nettleingham

    Which is your favorite Universal in the world (comment down below):

    1. Universal Orlando
    2. Universal Hollywood
    3. Universal Singapore
    4. Universal Japan
    5. Universal Beijing
    6. Volcano Bay
    7. Islands of Adventure
    8. Universal Moscow
    9. Epic Universe

  36. kami pesan 5 tiket

  37. omg! how i miss thiss 🙁🙁

  38. Water world iam coming next year

  39. last time i visit this place is when i was 8, it's so nostalgic

  40. Pretty princess

    This universal makes the ones we have here look like a joke

  41. Can 3 to 4 year old get into any of the rides?

  42. 4:47 I just imagine Shrek busting out of the outhouse screaming, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP?!”

  43. I was there 3 years ago and had the golden opportunity to meet Betty Boop 🎀 pay tribute to late actress Zsa Zsa Gabor 🌟 get inside the castle of Far Far Away 🏰 to see Lord Farquaad's ghost on Shrek's 4D adventures 👻 ride on the Puss in Boots' coaster 🐱🎢 ride on the lazy river of Madagascar 🦁🌴 along with the rides from both the Sesame Street 🐥 as well as the Transformers, which is still my absolute favorite!! 🤖 even saw a live stunt show based on the Water World movie 🚤💦 but the only snack item I ever got to eat at the park was nothing but popcorn and fizzy drinks and yet, that was right before I left at the end of the day🥤🍿had to skip my lunch that day because 1) 90% of the food was non-veg and I couldn't find any vegetarian alternatives and 2) I was visiting Universal Studios with my parents at the time and I refused to touch the fried chicken at the Goldilock's café they were having. If I ever come back someday in the near future or after this pandemic is ever over, I'll do my best to come back with friends/cousins because there's still sooo much fun I've missed out from this park. Few examples such as, eating at the Diner on the New York portion of the park or at the StarBot Café at the Sci-fi city and try to look for vegetarian options if there are any, ride on the Mummy coaster, buying/collecting merches from the souvenir shops (need to be honest here, because dad didn't let me buy anything from there for me to carry back home as a memory), wearing the outfit of my choice (and not my parents' choice), eating other types of snacks (either than popcorn and fizzy drinks) such as sugar cookies, ice creams and shakes and yes… I have a sweettooth but I wasn't allowed to have any during my last visit there plus… my parents didn't let me snap selfies or document our whole day at the park properly and I was super-pissed about it. If there is a special tourist spot in Singapore I'd recommend for my relatives and friends to visit, it would definitely be … The Universal Studios 🌏💙 Hopefully get to see you after this global pandemic ever comes to an end because my adventure there, is still not over yet! 😷🤞🏻

  44. 2020?anyone? 🙋‍♀️

  45. I hope this park can get harry potter themed rides but this is a great park

  46. This is now how I go to amusement Parks cause of covid