Tour tham quan thành phố 8K Singapore (ngày 30 tháng 5 năm 2021)

Đạp xe qua Quận Hành chính Singapore (8K) để ăn tối mang về gần Bến cảng Robertson 🚴 THÊM Hành trình Đạp xe Singapore – Giờ Singapore Quận Civic 00:16 Đường chân trời của Thành phố Singapore 00:48 Phòng trưng bày Quốc gia Singapore (ở bên phải) 01:15 The Padang 01:40 The Cenotaph 02:31 Esplanade Park 03:19 Jubilee Bridge 04:26 Merlion Park 06:11 Esplanade Theatre on the Bay 07:11 Queen Elizabeth Walk 08:32 Anderson Bridge 09:52 Boat Quay và Singapore River View 10:46 Boat Quay 13:02 Riverwalk (bên trái) 14:01 Clarke Quay The Central (bên trái) 14 : 24 Clarke Quay Xem 15:39 Bộ Truyền thông và Thông tin (MCI) 16:45 Clarke Quay Singapore 22:08 Robertson Quay 29:40 Zion Riverside Food Centre Liên hệ: Instagram: @alanchuatravels.

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  1. Long time no watching your videos…..Saigon got a huge pandemic of Covid….hopefully must be better in coming days when goverment dominates Covid asap…..!!!! Singapore also not so crowded due to Covid spreading…….most Singaporean had vaccinated in 80% population so far

  2. 🙏👍Great video Alan thanks

  3. Looks like this is a favourite route for joggers👍

  4. Santoso Rusli

    Hi, me and my family really love your videos. Thanks for showing us around this wonderful city 🙂

  5. the whole city felt like huge park, love it

  6. J+s happiness


  7. SG is the safest place to live in Asia. The quality of life is better than anywhere else in this part of the world.

  8. Haryett Kim Santos

    Cant wait to go back!!! I miss SG

  9. Jayrashtra Hindavi

    Can you make gardens by the bay around area..

  10. Nicole MacDonald

    I really love watching these videos. We can't wait to get back to Singapore, once we're allowed to leave the country again 😅

  11. JAKARTA INDONESIA manny builldings

  12. Kleanthis Andreou

    I miss Singapore so much, it's the best city I've visited. I wish I can visit soon in the near future!

  13. ミルちゃんミルちゃん

    We love Singapore❣️

  14. i wanna comeback after covid
    miss this place so much wanna cycling

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  16. Japan View Collection

    Hi from Japan! Nice Video!😃

  17. Thank you for the vid. I was there just before the pandemic started and it brought me back. Been dying to come back with my wife.

    It’s pretty sad how a lot of places are closed or shut down though

  18. doomofthemoon

    Cool ride, keep 'em coming!

  19. Miss singapore 😌 from batam

  20. Beauty Life07

    Awesome video my new friend, very beautiful city in Singapore very interesting, thank you for amazing video, Greetings from South Korea, Stay connected, have a nice day my friend.

  21. Wow! Love your video! So smooth, clear and stable recording.

    Thank you for “bringing” us along as your travel. 😊

    May I know what equipment and accessories you used to record such amazing smooth clips? Did you mount the camera on your helmet?

  22. Amazing virtual tour , Thanks for sharing

  23. RandomVisitor

    Love the Boast Quay area!

  24. Very nice video 👍🇨🇦

  25. Harminder Singh


  26. Driving Around ID

    Wow what a beautiful singapore tour

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  28. Wheres Natasha Low?

  29. After Lockdown Will Be Everything Back

  30. Really good to see Singaporeans so concern about their health, joggers everywhere👍🏼 ❤️
    I feel like I am walking around the Civic district as well, seeing your video. Thank you!
    Longing for safe time when we can come back…🙏🏽

  31. Asia City Tour

    Awesome city tour high quality video thanks for sharing love from Cambodia 💕

  32. I watched this whole video n felt like i am there . I miss Singapore very badly.

  33. How are you Alan? 😊 great to yet again see the more calmer SG. Is merlion spot becoming your favourite while cycling?