Thủy cung SEA – Thủy cung lớn thứ 2 trên thế giới !! – (Tour riêng)

Thủy cung SEA (Đông Nam Á) của Singapore giữ danh hiệu là thủy cung lớn thứ 2 trên thế giới. Nó có hơn 12 triệu gallon nước và hơn 800 loài, với tổng số gần 100.000 cư dân sống dưới nước. SEA là một phần của khu phức hợp Resort World Sentosa của Singapore. 📌 Công viên sinh vật biển SEA Aquarium ở Singapore là nơi nhất định phải đến⤵ 🐠 12G Social Media: IG ‣ / FB ‣ Merch ‣

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  1. Blobfish Tacos

    Singapore 🙌🙌🙌

  2. david mccrory

    What a disgusting place !
    Where did the exhibits come from

  3. Mr Barbarian's WoodSmithy


  4. The doesn't octopus doesn't use the artificial grass to determine what is land or sea because it just doesn't care, it only stays in the tank because it can't grip the astroturf with it's suckers. Once it figures out a workaround or realizes it can reach past the grass to something with better suction it will happily leave their tank for a little night time exploration and snacking from the neighboring tanks. Once she goes missing just look for the tanks that she can see from her own tank, that is where you will likely find her, if not start checking floor drains with removable covers , she will be hiding somewhere wet and dark that feels secure.

  5. The octopus trick is actually Asian brain magic

  6. The concept of giving them the best lives possible is the best, nice aquariums

  7. Free the fish lol

  8. roblox fortnite

    the biggest accwarume is in Dubai mall I think?

  9. you shouldve gone to osaka this is nothing comapared to that one.

  10. Aleks1231 pro bg

    When u like your own comment

  11. Immaculate aquarium. Beautifully kept marine life.


  13. There is a big aquarium in Crete (Greece) that I have visited. It's not as big as this one but its really nice.

  14. Ronal Quintana

    The garrulous food psychologically pedal because sturgeon computationally guard inside a married eagle. gullible gusty, godly bamboo

  15. Ken: you guys can see clownfish

  16. What’s the song name at the end of the video?

  17. Mazda Capella

    Singapore di jajah cina … hilang lah melayunya

  18. Been to this aquarium in Sentosa. Very beautiful, Singapore also has a zoo with some freshwater tanks and a HUGE salt water one with manatees that I could sit and stare at for hours.

  19. The thumbnail makes me laugh, it shows a great white in a tank when no aquarium has great whites, they tried but they all died so lol

  20. Living in singapore i am happy to see you enjoy the aquarium

  21. SEA: has more than 100,000 species
    me: has more than 100,000 guppies

  22. Transformers Master

    Too easy

  23. That coral tank is awesome.

  24. This guy needs his own Fish show! He's amazing.

  25. i notice they got rid of the moving walkway in the shark tank been a while since ive been to the sea aquarium

  26. I ever went here

  27. Saw a napolean wrasse when i went snorkelling. that thing is HUGE!

  28. Sadia Sharmeen

    I LOVED it there. It was the most beautiful thing I saw. I really wanna visit such similar aquariums but in other countries.

  29. Fun fact: there used to be a whale shark there.

  30. I'm in Singapore and I normally visit there to past time tbh

  31. I WhiTeCoRe I

    What a lot of people here unfortunately do not realize is the fact that all those animals are caught in the wild because breeding most of these species is impossible in captivity. Aquariums are actually very very detrimental to our ecosystem because obviously those caught animals are removed out of their respective habitats and they have to catch a lot of them because most of these fish die way earlier than in the wild. In case anyone is reading this i emplore you to think twice about supporting aquariums and zoos in the future.


  33. Jeffrey DeCristofaro

    I gotta put this on my Top Tourist Site Bucket List.


    Ken is the perfect man for this job. Some tour guides legit make me fall asleep but Ken kept me alive and interested the entire time. His energy is uplifting and captivating, this video was even better because of him. Great job to Ken and I actually learnt so much instead of falling asleep or getting bored listening to someone slow and tired lol. Awesome!

  35. Extreme Cream

    i swear to god gorge is always taller then everyone else in every video

  36. Daniel Lu 2.1

    I've been to sea aquarium when I was 6 so I don't remember a lot of what was there, all I remember is the manta ray

  37. batman superhero

    Huh they didn't wear masks

  38. Wilson Ramirez

    Dude knows his stuff. Appreciate his knowledge and enthusiasm

  39. Sebastian Vazquez

    Guide is awesome great guy too!

  40. ♡Mystical_Music♡

    Me who comes here every year: ayeeee

  41. Well that was friggin awesome! As for our guide he was friggin awesome. Awesome, what more can you say?

  42. Simon Thorsèn

    The tank for the 10,000 fish is way to small

  43. Donna Bezanson


  44. {∅«èrrór»∅}

    Hey I went there they upgraded it now you can eat but because of covid cannot