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  1. Lance Raymundo

    Damn, I'm SO LATE! I just discovered Bigbang's Music last November 11, 2021!!! I grew up only listening to Prince coz I have a much older brother who's a big Prince fan (and who's a huge Pop Star in my country, Philippines) who influenced my musical taste since birth…. and so I literally ONLY listened to Prince all my life, even after Prince died in 2016. Last year, I decided to widen my horizon and explore the music of the world and last week, I found myself here! And WOW, this IS the New Musical Discovery of my Life! I'm an instant fan! I did my crash course research on the Band and WOW, I found out that Taeyang is a Big Prince fan himself! And I also noticed Daesung's homage to Prince with his "Aw-wah" screams! I'll be here for good from now on and here's claiming a comeback someday!

  2. daisyry ilagan

    the choruss ackkkk im so inlove to bigbang tour report in singapore chorus HUHu

  3. Bigbang 🙄🙄VS bts 😘😘😘😘

  4. Jymsy-an Abarquez

    To people who says Daesung is ugly, here you go,🖕

  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Can this channel get 20 subs

    MADE Diary, only diary that makes me dance

  7. GD- mans wearing velvet 😂 IMMACULATE show from the kings❤️

  8. Mafer Bianchi

    My angel Kang Daesung, love you so much! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. They can sing live perfectly without toomuch dance choreography and they can slay every performances. They adlibs is soooo addicted i miss them so freaking much. I cant find kpop group like them.

  10. Seungri_ Italy

    Miss you BIGBANG ❤️

  11. Kapan lah comeback😢

  12. 마지막 하이라이트.모두 다 함께.

  13. Kim보람보_vip

    대성아 진짜 너 드럼 칠때 표정이 진심 좋아보여 무대 위에서 드럼치는 널 다시 볼 수 있기를!

  14. 💙💙💙💙💙

  15. 무소식이he's so sick


  16. Evine Kemala Olviana

    I love Daesung's hair style and outfit here….Miss you all


  18. Bernadette Arenas

    After 6 years I'm coming here again to watch their videos. I miss them so much 😢😢

  19. Daesung oppa is very handsome with that hair style

  20. Kamini Appadoo

    Seungri oppa 😍

  21. 여전히 ㅋㅋㅋ 오랜 시간이 흘렀어도

  22. plz come to Singapore again
    and nice drumming skills!!!❤

  23. Annisa Rohmaani

    Please comeback

  24. Scarlet Galarza

    Se nota que esta canción la re sienten !!!!!!

  25. V.I.P 🇮🇳💛

  26. 5:00 the cutest "put your hands in the air"😙

  27. Muhammad Syahdan


  28. KING!

  29. angel Navidad

    Bigbang Kings of kpop

  30. Miriam Elizabeth Mamani Mujica

    2021 y definitivamente jamás podrán llegar a la talla de BIGBANG. :') son unicos!

  31. Zeiyah Seung Hyun

    I love U T.O.P😘😘😘😘

  32. 빅뱅은진짜 언제봐도 전설이다..

  33. BigBang comeback on the stage pls in 2021….❣️

  34. I miss this so much

  35. nobody talked abt how taeyang pushed gd away so aggressively? 😂

  36. I’m not crying :’) For real

  37. I miss them 😢

  38. missing Bigbang hours💖😩 rewatching in 2021

  39. 대성목소리좋다

  40. Chansey Suyat v


  41. Inrealky can compare BIGBANG and Queen in terms of talent, artistry and stage presence. They are at the same level.

  42. Los mejores 😍
    Los Amo 💖

  43. thanthip saengla


  44. Chansey Suyat v


  45. WOW Mr.D’splay

  46. 🌸 Ms. Senna

    this song makes me think of best day….