Thành phố Singapore 8K: Tham quan Quận Vịnh Marina (2021)

Mạng lưới toàn cầu Singapore là một cộng đồng quốc tế bao gồm những người Singapore ở nước ngoài và những người bạn của Singapore. Bạn quan tâm đến nhiều nội dung như vậy hơn và kết nối với những người cùng chí hướng? Tham gia mạng lưới tại đây: Bản đồ tương tác của Tuyến đường đi xe của tôi – Dấu thời gian: 00:00 Bản đồ tuyến đường 00:30 Bến du thuyền Bay 00:40 Esplanade Bridge 01:29 Merlion Park 04:18 The Fullerton Bay 05:40 The Promontory @ Marina Bay 07:18 Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade 08:08 Marina Bay Sands 09:15 Singapore Skyline View 10:28 ArtScience Museum 12 : 54 Apple Marina Bay Sands 14:44 Helix Bridge 16:36 Flower Dome 17:28 Gardens By the Bay 19:11 Supertree Grove Liên hệ: Instagram: @alanchuatravels.

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  2. I am curious about something. When I was last in Singapore 2019 March just before the pandemic hit, the water and light show at the marina bay front wasn’t functioning.
    Is this still the case?

  3. Wanda Sanchez

    Thank you for this video. It brought back memories of the very same walk I took 2 years ago from the Carlton Hotel. Hope to be back soon when things open up again.

  4. Ly Minh Tri Official

    I miss Singapore alot

  5. Enjoy all your videos, keep up the good work. Thank you Alan.

  6. NightingaleSong

    Marina Bay is so nice. I still love your videos. How do you feel about the contrast between Marina Bay and outlying neighborhoods? I think both have their charm, but the design and choice of materials is soo different. Was Marina Bay always the way it is now, or was it completely different (including the materials used to pave the walkways), say 25 years ago? It's so hard to track the changes in a city. ~Even on the street where I live in Massachusetts, I didn't notice some of the changes, until I randomly saw how it used to look, on Google Maps Street View. XD

  7. Thank you so so much for posting in 1440p @ 60hz!!

  8. It was very interesting. Thank you. Only beauty. I will definitely come to Singapore

  9. At 00:55 how can you turn the camera? Is there a remote control. Because as you said the device is on your helmet right?

  10. Candy Thompkins

    You have certainly out done yourself my friend. I thought the video about "Singapore's East Coast Park" was nice but man, this video and it's views of the Gardens By the Bay, are spectacular… can't get enough of those views. 👋👏. Well done my global friend. Travel safely Allen, rest easy 🌻.

  11. Beautiful episode!!

  12. Marina Bay tour is always my favorite.

  13. Angeles Barrios

    No people around is the city in lockdown? I miss sg i've been in sg 3 year ago for one week very beautiful place, food everything.

  14. 😩😩😰😰😰😥😥😥

  15. I wanna ask what kind of camera you are using? What the brand name and model?

  16. If people could name a new "wonder" under the Seven Wonders of the World, they may consider naming Gardens by the Bay in SG.

  17. I'm enjoying your show as much as everyone else as well, a big ThankYou to you Alan. Very much appreciated.


    I saw in 2019 Singapore.. including this area 👍

  19. World Walker TV

    Lovely virtual tour! Well done!

  20. Fatima Fernandes

    Marina Bay is very beautiful , amazing place , It makes you dreams , pleasant and charming ,Very Nice to walk around here , and experience good things, I loved ! Thanks for sharing, great vídeo,Cheers!😊🌻☀️

  21. Time Travel Walk

    Great Virtual Tour 👍
    Thanks for sharing my friend 💜

  22. krishna sir amaanza

    Super like

  23. krishna sir amaanza

    Good job…nice video

  24. Your videos just keep getting better; they are making me long for SG!

  25. Must be so amazing without the "homies" there. Looks so safe.

  26. Ambient Walking

    Thanks, Alan. Glad you got to make this for the country.