Tham quan viên ngọc của sân bay Changi Singapore

Changi của Singapore là sân bay tốt nhất trên thế giới. Giờ đây, với sự mở cửa của The Jewel, bạn sẽ có thể dành cả ngày ở đó mà không bao giờ cảm thấy buồn chán. Đăng ký nhận video hàng tuần Nếu bạn thích ẩm thực và du lịch, hãy đăng ký và nhấn biểu tượng chuông để nhận thông báo. Tôi sống ở Tokyo Nhật Bản, vì vậy bạn sẽ thấy rất nhiều nội dung dựa trên Nhật Bản. Tuy nhiên, tôi cũng đi du lịch thường xuyên nên bạn cũng sẽ thấy những nơi khác trên thế giới. Instagram:

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Chuyên mục:

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  1. This is where i dream to go! I love newly built airports (I know its weird)

  2. Learn English Tube

    I didnt go any place other than my native country !!
    This videos is very informative !!
    Thank you so much sharing such a beautiful video!!
    keep it up
    keep uploading !!

  3. i love japani suohet koriya norhet koriya tayland vietnam china singapur butan relesinsep farendship..
    this is world best berdership…..

  4. Meta Koerner - Vollrath

    If I see this in real then for sure 100% I will miss my flight back home

  5. Starman Crusader

    Is this an airport, a mall or a nature park?

  6. Aditya Kusumayanti

    Kaka ipar saya Kaka saya mereka.pengusaha…Hotel..Restoran..Kapal pesiar…tidak ada urusan..dengan partai partai politik…….tidak pernah ikut campur..urusan negara negara manapun………dia selalu fokus..urus usaha …..!!!..jangan nuduh nuduh keluarga saya seenak.jidat…..!!!..menyakiti keluarga saya yang tak bersalah..karena iri dengki…….!!!!

  7. Sword Sound Entertainment

    i dunno why malaysia ministers always go to Europe n US to learn something..whereas our neighbour have everything.. brilliant sgpore

  8. Isa Ansari TV

    May I use some of this video (just a few seconds) to add to my video as a visual illustration entitled "5 BEST AIRPORTS IN SOUTHEAST ASIA 2021", I will include the source of this video in the video and the video description on credit.

    Best Regards,
    Isa ansari TV

    Bolehkah Saya menggunakan sebagian dari video ini (hanya beberapa detik) untuk dimasukan kedalam video saya sebagai ilustrasi visual dengan judul "5 BANDARA TERBAIK DI ASIA TENGGARA 2021", saya akan mencantumkan sumber video ini didalam video dan deskripsi videonya sebagai kredit.

    Salam Hormat,
    Isa Ansari TV

  9. Rosie Bargoed

    I want to rent a room right next to that waterfall. I’ll never sleep and always want to pee, but I still want it 😂

  10. Lustige wie vieles werden Sie heute Gewinnt haben…….

  11. Great place if your flight is delayed and more. It’s a destination!

  12. Travel With Fun

    One of the most beautiful Airports in the world. Jewel is the best place to relax while transiting through Singapore.

  13. i was there for 18 hours and i coudnlt fully exlore one terminal

  14. thanks for the video and thanks to All those who helped each other to make the finest masterpiece.

  15. Otgonbaatar Sangidorj

    This is man-made island in the ocean

  16. Changi airport is absolutely best airport 🥰

  17. Thanks for sharing; this is by far the best airport in the world. I could live here! The architect who designed this airport is utterly awesome and a genius.

  18. Speedpaint mapping

    Fun Facts [Jewel]: the Rain Vortex in Jewel is the world’s largest indoor waterfall
    Jewel has a motel named Yotel
    The fifth floor is like a garden
    Jewel is Oval-Shaped,not Circle-Shaped
    There is a Skytrain line bridge in the mall

  19. Changi airport is the best airport in the world

  20. american 🇺🇸 attitude matters

    Wow awesome Singapore 🇸🇬I will come from Belgium 🇧🇪 while studying exchange proagram in ku leuven university

  21. Sanjay Ashokkumar

    In some countries people only go to the airport to catch a plane
    In my home country Singapore we go the airport to shop and eat along with travel
    Thats why shops are still surviving during the pandemic

  22. A very eco airport.

  23. Sometimes they have had flight delay in singapore, I mean..

  24. Jaime Rodrigues Dantas Dantas

    Muito bela.

  25. Суперовый аэропорт, сады, водопад, специальные вагончики, магазинчики, так увлекательно… отсуда долго улетать не хочется )

  26. Beautiful iconic structure. Like a Jewel indeed. Really enhance Changi Airport and Singapore as a travel destination.

  27. This is heaven on earth

  28. カレー大好き


  29. Tamika Moseley

    Something about indoor hiking l don't like. Nothing can duplicate nature but l appreciate the technology and effort.

  30. Erl jhumo Edrosa

    The best airport that I've ever seen very futuristic place for just an airport😱❤️

  31. this is typical like those animated movies where all the people discover another place after their current place has been destroyed and usually this is how the entry to their new world begins

  32. origaMEE, gaming and tutorials

    I dont go here very often espesially during COVID

  33. This isn't just your average airport, it's a legitimate tourist attraction and paradise of its own.

  34. Duibangla Train Lover

    Singapore is an nice place

  35. Go to Sydney Australia next … (:

  36. i wish i could travel here again some time soon

  37. Thats a airport love it

  38. Damn, only 1.3B, Ambanis Alntilia cost 2B.