Hướng dẫn du lịch Singapore 2021 4K

Đây là Cẩm nang Du lịch Singapore dành cho du khách từ khắp nơi trên thế giới. Singapore là một đảo quốc nhỏ ở Đông Nam Á với mật độ dân số cao. Chuyến du lịch Singapore này là đi từ xung quanh trung tâm thành phố Singapore, nơi có Vịnh Marina cũng như Gardens By The Bay và Vườn Bách thảo, nơi có sở thú Singapore. Chúng tôi cũng giới thiệu cho bạn về Sân bay Changi và đảo Sentosa, những nơi nổi tiếng với du khách đến Singapore. #Singapore #TravelGuide #Tour #MarinaBay #Travel Island Hopper TV đưa bạn vòng quanh thế giới đến những điểm đến du lịch hàng đầu. Các hướng dẫn du lịch ảo của chúng tôi từ khắp Châu Mỹ đến Châu Á, Châu Âu và Úc đã hỗ trợ nhiều du khách trên thế giới trong việc tìm hiểu về điểm đến tiếp theo của họ để đi du lịch hoặc thậm chí là đi nghỉ. .

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  1. ian collenette

    Great vid. great content and great commentary. i cant wait to visit next year. first one of your vids i've seen and will look out for more. good job

  2. Las Vegas sands company owns the Marina bay sands. They spent $5.5 billion dollars the burj khalifa in Dubai costed $1.5 billion which is the tallest building in the world.

  3. Thanks for the interesting video. I hope to go there in March 2022.

  4. Open Singapore for vaccinated people!! pleaseeeeee

  5. Nice kaka

  6. singapore 4k

  7. Intrepid Smuffs

    good video. Thanks for all the tips.

  8. Life before COVID

  9. Blasphemous Joe

    Great video, it brings back good memories many years ago.

  10. Vladimir Caeser

    Nice 👍 place

  11. for vaccinated travelers going to Singapore. do we still have to quarantine?

  12. ah….glimpses of life in Singapore before this COVID business.

  13. I love singapore..yes i agree changi airport is nice..and also marina bay sand so amazing…😍😍😍

  14. Beautiful video. Just wow

  15. Shine Walking Tours SG


  16. Just Walk - Travel ASMR Channel

    this is so awesome!!

  17. Dark_Angel_of_Death

    I'm here to see what I need to do to travel to Singapore because of covid. This isn't helpful 😕

  18. Thi Hong Tam Nguyen

    I miss Singapore

  19. Titus Kirkland

    Is it expensive to live in Singapore?

  20. When was this taken nobody is wearing a mask

  21. World Travel, Culture & Natural Landscapes

    Awesome video, added to my playlist.

  22. This video is not very credible. It was clearly filmed before Coronavirus. The current rules are that you must wear a mask for all periods you are outside your home or your own private car. As a foreigner, if you take off your mask at any time except when you are actually eating or drinking, you risk a $8,000 fine and then deportation. So you need to bear that in mind if you are planning on travelling there!

  23. Keep going bro, loving it

  24. Great video. Always love Singapore, safe, clean and very nice. Sounds like you filmed this episode during Chinese new year. I am impressed with your chopsticks skills, gotta eat Asian food quite frequent lol

  25. Елена Курашева

    очень ждем открытия границ., чтобы попасть в сингапур. спасибо

  26. Gerry Gibeault

    Great video- brought back some fond memories of my trip there a few years ago. Just wondering if the video was from the pre-pandemic time as no one was wearing masks.

  27. Absolutely a phenomenal place…love the beauty.

  28. I really enjoyed your video. Great channel. ⭐️⭐️
    Greetings from Albania. 👋🏼 🇦🇱

  29. Just spectacular! Just gorgeous! I would love to go there! Maybe after the dust settles from the Covid! Great job as usual! Thank you!

  30. wow that's the most beautiful city i've ever seen.